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Children and Young People

Young People's Services

Young People tell us there is a need to talk to them openly, honestly and without judgment about gambling, so that is what we provide.

We provide a range of different services to support young people ranging from in person workshops, digital tools and resources to online support and indirect support for professionals and parents. We also provide age-appropriate treatment as part of the Young People’s Service.

All of our work is guided by our Youth Advisory Board, who consult, advise, develop and deliver jointly with us to ensure we are creating services young people want and need. Our work with young people is rated Advanced by the National Youth Agency, we are registered Youth Friendly Employers by Youth Employment UK and we are Approved Activity Providers for the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Our Services:
Education for Young People

Giving young people the facts about gambling and gaming, plus building their critical thinking skills and digital resilience, is key in helping them make informed choices about their participation in gambling in the future, and preventing further harms. This is why in partnership with YGAM, we deliver education on the risks associated with gambling.

BigDeal is our website dedicated to young people. Here young people can find out the facts about gambling in a clear and easy to understand way. There are sections for parents and professionals looking for more information as well. 

We deliver interactive workshops directly to young people, providing them with the facts about gambling, in an open and non-judgemental way. 

You can book a workshop here >>

Young People's Support Service

Our confidential Young People’s Support Service is here to support young people from all over the UK, who are aged between 11-18 years old.

We offer direct 1-2-1 support for young people affected by gambling harm, including through cryptocurrency and gaming. We also provide support, advice and signposting for parents, families and professionals.

You can refer into our services here >>

Professionals working with Young People

We deliver a range of different workshops and training sessions for professionals working with young people to equip you with the knowledge and information about the gambling landscape. Including emerging trends like crypto, gaming and skins betting, and support you to feel confident identifying the signs of gambling harms and having meaningful conversations about them.

We also deliver interactive workshops directly to young people, providing them with the facts about gambling, in an open and non-judgemental way. 

All of our sessions are delivered by our friendly, knowledgeable and trained staff members, who all come from a teaching, youth work or safeguarding background. All sessions are CPD accredited and can be delivered online or face to face.  

Our programme operates in all areas of England, Northern Ireland and Wales. We work collaboratively with local and national partners, Beacon, Ara, NECA, Aquarius and YGAM, to deliver this service. 

You can book either workshop for professionals or young people here >>

Parents and Carers of Young People

We know that technology is changing and with it access to gambling and gambling like activities. Gaming and esports participation has expanded exponentially in the past three years, both of these activities can have gambling like features or be bet on. Keeping up to date is hard, but we know it is essential to be able to spot signs of harm and signpost into support.  

We offer discussion-based workshops for parents, providing them with the knowledge of the types of gambling and gaming young people participate in, how parental influence can affect young people’s gambling behaviour, and how best to bring gambling and gaming up in conversation so they can provide their children with advice and support. 

Workshops are facilitated by knowledgeable staff who are all trained to deliver Brief Interventions, meaning they can pass their first-hand experience on to you as parents.

Our Young People’s Service is also available for parents who are looking for some guidance and support raising the issue of gambling, give us a call and we can set up a time to have a chat.  

If you are a parent, or you work with parents and carers and you would like to book a workshop, fill out the booking form here >>

Organisations supporting Young People

Collaboration is key to providing consistent and quality support to young people who are currently or may be at risk of experiencing gambling harms. We are excited to have collaborated with six providers of gambling education to establish the English Gambling Eduation Hub.

The Hub was will be delivering four core elements:

  1. A Network for organisations currently or looking to delivery gambling education to young people.  
  2. Insight events for those looking to expand their knowledge and wanting to elevate the conversations around young people and gambling. 
  3. Support for organisations delivering it young people around content development and accreditation. 
  4. A online space for organisations providing support to list their offers, which is streamlined, easy to use and accessible to those looking for help around gambling harms. 

Our first event ‘How effective is collaboration around young people and gambling harms?’ will be held virtually in March, sign up here >>

You can also sign up for the Hub’s newsletter here >>

Youth Advisory Board

Our Youth Advisory Board, also known as YAB, is a group of young people that meet up on a regular basis to work alongside our staff.

The main aim of the YAB is to ensure our work is relevant and meets the needs of young people throughout the UK. Find out more or apply to join here >>

GamCare is an Approved Activity Provider for the volunteering section of the DofE Award. This means our Youth Advisory Board is already approved to help you achieve either the Bronze, Silver or Gold DofE Award. More info here >>

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