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Yorkshire & Humber – Outreach and Engagement

Local advice, support and training

The Yorkshire & Humber Outreach and Engagement, a partnership between GamCare and NECA, is the first integrated service of its type in Great Britain.

As well as offering information, advice and support for individuals, families and communities affected by gambling or related harms across Yorkshire & Humber, we also provide a range of outreach and training services to the local community.

Many services have told us that they would appreciate greater knowledge of how to spot warning signs of someone affected by gambling harms and ensure that those affected get the right support, and that’s where our services can help.  

Our offer of free training includes: 

  • Types of Gambling – including more emerging trends 
  • Risks and Harms 
  • Impact on affected others 
  • Speaking with confidence about gambling and the support available 
  • Referral process and what we offer as a service 

We don’t want the work to end after training has been delivered. Our team will work to provide ongoing support for services we collaborate with, including referral pathways, support with identifying gambling through assessments, establishing our ‘community champions’ programme and offering regular support from our engagement team where required. 

Harmful gambling can have a devastating impact on individuals, families and communities which are exasperated by the shame and stigma associated with reaching out for help. We believe that by working collaboratively we can help to reduce the friction in having supporting and proactive conversations.

Our team are working closely with community groups in localised settings, to improve access to support for anyone that may not easily access treatment in the city centre or remotely. We’re passionate about normalising conversations regarding gambling harm to ensure all services are able to recognise support needs.

One of our key aims is to improve confidence and knowledge for all professionals across Yorkshire & Humber around the nature of gambling, to build effective working relationships and ensure that we provide the most accessible pathway into our support for all individuals. 

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