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A self-guided support tool designed to help you on your journey to stop or reduce your gambling.

The eight different sections of the programme explore different areas of your recovery journey and have been developed alongside people with their own lived experience of gambling harms.

These sections include:

Section 1: Welcome

  • An introduction to the programme
  • Stories of lived experience of seeking support for gambling harms
  • Explore the reasons that brought you to EmpowerMe

Section 2: Values

  • Explore what your values are and why they matter
  • Hear from others about how they use their values to support their recovery
  • Explore your current situation and your motivations for stopping or reducing your gambling

Section 3: Direction

  • Identify your personal strengths and how to use them in your recovery
  • Explore your life goals
  • Identify how you can start to work towards your goals

Section 4: Wellbeing and Positive Emotions

  • Explore what happiness and wellbeing are
  • Ways that gambling can impact your wellbeing
  • Ways to improve your wellbeing and experiences of happiness

Section 5: Making Gambling Harder

  • Explore ways to change your behaviour patterns
  • Practical tools and resources to help stop or reduce your gambling
  • Identify ways to reduce triggers

Section 6: Coping with Unhelpful Thoughts

  • Explore how unhelpful thoughts can cause problems
  • Understanding your own thoughts
  • Ways to try and manage your unhelpful thoughts

Section 7: Dealing with Unwanted Feelings and Urges

  • Understand negative feelings and emotions
  • Explore the skill of acceptance
  • Find ways manage unwanted feelings

Section 8: Keep Going Towards Your Best Possible Life

  • Explore problem solving tools
  • Building resilience and coping with stress
  • Listen to experiences of managing stress during recovery

Your situation and recovery journey is individual to you. EmpowerMe is not intended to tell you what to do, but to help you explore your options and empower you to take the next steps that are right for you.

Throughout the programme, you will hear from people sharing their own lived experience of recovery from gambling harm. It is also a space to reflect on you own experience and learnings from the information provided. At the end of most Sections there will be a downloadable workbook with additional resources and activities for you to use.

It’s important to note that any responses you provide to questions within this EmpowerMe programme will not be stored or monitored by GamCare and are only visible to you. If you need to speak to someone urgently, contact our National Gambling Helpline (available 24/7) and speak to one of our Advisers.

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