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Understanding your gambling

Gambling can often have a really negative effect on personal finances, however, the harms caused by gambling can be more than just losing money.

We hear from people who have become isolated and lonely as a result of their gambling, and who haven’t spoken to anyone else about what they are going through. Negative impacts on mental health are very common – people experience anxiety, depression and stress, and the effects on their loved ones can be just as bad.

Experiencing gambling harm can cause trust to break down in relationships. People can lose their jobs, their homes, their families. Some people also commit crimes to continue to gamble.

Becoming so focused on gambling can mean that people don’t want to work on their relationships, or take part in social activities, and this can increase the isolation they feel. It can also make it harder to ask for help.

This section includes more information on the common impacts of a gambling problem. If you or someone you know needs help, talk to us now.

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