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Managing your money

Gambling can lead to financial problems. If you are facing financial difficulties because of your own or someone else’s gambling, getting your finances under control is an important step towards recovery. 

Gambling should never be viewed as a way to make money or overcome financial difficulties. The longer you gamble, the more you will lose. Instead, there are practical steps you can take to get you through tougher times, and ways to protect your loved ones from financial harm too. 

Below are a series of factsheets created by our Money Guidance Service team to help you manage your money. There is a wealth of information here, plus links to other organisations that can help. Click on any of the underlined links to access further support from GamCare or other agencies. 

Please note: GamCare is not responsible for content on external websites. The information supplied may change. GamCare may occasionally update and grow these factsheets.


Tracking your spending

One of the first steps to getting in control of your finances is to understand and track your spending. Here are our tips for keeping a closer eye on your outgoings. 

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Taking control of your gambling spend

A complete break is usually the best way to take control of your gambling. Alternatively, there are tools to help you reduce your gambling. This factsheet explains the options available. 

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Generating additional income

This factsheet will help you to check if you are entitled to any additional benefits. You can also explore other ways to increase your income and access financial support. 

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Priority expenses

An overview of the essential expenses to consider within your budget. We also offer tips for getting help with some expenses – if you are behind with payments or struggling to afford the basics. 

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Managing other household expenses

This factsheet looks at further expenses to include when planning your budget. From costs associated with children and health, to entertainment and insurance, planning ahead can make them easier to manage.

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Controlling your credit rating

If gambling has caused financial problems for you or a loved one this can affect your credit scores. This factsheet explains how to take control of your credit situation.

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Debt advice and support

Don’t ignore debt problems. This factsheet shares tips on dealing with debt and what to do if you have problems with loan sharks. It also explains where to find debt advice and support.

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Protecting your loved one

Your gambling doesn’t just affect you; it can also have consequences for your friends and family. To help, we have compiled a list of things you and your family can do to keep their finances safe.

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For family and friends: keeping your finances safe

If someone you know is gambling excessively or harmfully, this factsheet is for you. These are our tips for managing your own money and supporting the gambler in your life.

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Does my bank block gambling transactions?

Many banks offer gambling blocks or other tools to help you manage gambling spend. We’ve put together a blog that tells you everything you need to know about banking tools offered.

Still overwhelmed by money worries caused by gambling?  

Speak to our National Gambling Helpline free on 0808 8020 133 or via live chat. 

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