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Helpline Transfers

Transfer customers wishing to receive specialist gambling support directly to the National Gambling Helpline via a dedicated line.

If you deliver customer care and support to people experiencing negative impacts from their own gambling, or a loved one’s gambling, your team can arrange a dedicated phone line to transfer callers straight to the National Gambling Helpline for specialist help.

You’ll be provided with a dedicated hot-key to transfer callers to us, bypassing our recorded introduction messaging, and your team can introduce the caller before leaving the call. Our team are all trained to manage calls transferred like this, and each caller is supported every step of the way.

Customers benefit from a smooth transfer to the services they need, directly as they ask for help. They don’t need to hang up and redial, or remember another number, so they can capitalise on the motivation to make a change.

Your business will also be able to better understand the impact of your intervention thanks to high-level outcomes reporting provided by GamCare, along with data on how many calls have been transferred to us, and feedback on the process.

What’s in the package? 

As part of this package GamCare provides:

  • an annual license for your business to transfer calls directly into the National Gambling Helpline via a designated line;
  • guidance for your team, to enable them to conduct seamless call transfers;
  • quarterly reporting and analysis of data on call transfers including volume, quality of transfers, and anonymous outcome data.

Please note that the cost of a license does not directly fund our Helpline services.

To enquire, please contact [email protected] 

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