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International Forum of Gambling Support Providers

Gambling is increasingly available in jurisdictions around the world and the growth of online gambling, in particular, is changing how people experience gambling harms. 

In 2023, GamCare launched an International Collaboration Project to explore how we can build networks, share practice and learn with organisations around the world working to reduce gambling harms. We want to collaborate, network and share what we’ve learnt in the UK. We also want to learn from others and facilitate collaboration between different organisations. 

Since then, we’ve met with many organisations – from treatment providers, to public health bodies, to gambling regulators – to learn about developments in their jurisdictions, the challenges they face and opportunities they see for collaboration. 

In June 2024 we launched a pilot for the International Forum of Gambling Support Providers – a formal platform for continuing these conversations. 


What is the International Forum of Gambling Support Providers? 

The International Forum of Gambling Support Providers convenes organisations from around the world to share practice, discuss common challenges, inspire and learn from each other. 

Running until summer 2025, the test-and-learn pilot is focused on support providers that operate gambling support helplines. 

Each quarter we are holding a webinar and two roundtable discussions on a practical theme affecting helpline providers. 

The webinars will introduce each theme, with presentations from service providers and subject matter experts. Roundtable discussions will be held a few weeks later, giving services a space to explore the topic, challenges and potential solutions in more depth. 


Upcoming events 

Theme 1 – Promoting gambling helplines 

Exploring how services promote and market their helplines, how they work with partners to raise awareness of available support, how they encourage different population groups to reach out, and how they address non-target calls. 

  • July 23rd 15:00 – 16:30 UTC – Introductory webinar (recorded for those unable to attend live) 
  • July 30th 22:00 – 23:15 UTC – Roundtable option 1 
  • July 31st 12:00 – 13:15 UTC – Roundtable option 2 

Theme 2 – Digital development and innovation in gambling helplines 

Exploring how helpline providers are developing new functions like live chat services, using technology to understand and improve the effectiveness of their services, and evolving their services to respond to the increasingly digital nature of gambling and gambling harms. 

  • September 5th 22:00 – 23:30 UTC – Introductory webinar (recorded for those unable to attend live) 
  • September 17th 06:00 – 07:15 UTC – Roundtable option 1 
  • September 18th 17:00 – 18:15 UTC – Roundtable option 2 

If you’d like to know more or join an upcoming event, please contact [email protected]. 


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