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I've spent the best part of past decade gambling not just earnings but my life too. End of September start of October last year I took massive steps to rectify my problem. I told my parents my problem as I was trying to get a mortgage with my partner to give our little boy a home to grow up in. 

They helped me financially to write of a credit card debt which has basically changed my whole life. I don't need to fear talking about my money and getting my credit checks done. They should never have down this for me because I should never have got in to this mess.

This change in life has made me a note positive person, less angry, enjoying work and home life more. And now we have our own home and life has moved forward. I've not gambled or even thought of setting foot in to a bookies for over 6months and never want to for the rest of my life. 

Wish I had spoken up years ago and maybe had a better way of life but it's not a regret but lesson to learn from to gain experience in life to live forward and become a stronger better person

Posted : 6th March 2020 4:35 pm

Thank you for posting this ... success story.

Lindsay we all wish you the best in the world for doing this and hope that it continues for you and your family.

The sooner we realise we have an illness till death the better we can take some control over it and keep it in abeyance... well done for this. I discovered that although I myself thought I had ‘beaten’ it I still went ahead some years later and did it again... only ten times worse! Please don’t be me and just every now and then throughout the year open up to all around you who are close and invite them to keep asking the question.. Have you gambled today? I wish I had continued to attend the GA meetings I went to .. I am convinced that room kept me clean, and I am so thankful they kept a chair empty for me.

Blessings and well done again,

John Pops.

Posted : 6th March 2020 6:55 pm

Wonderful Lindsay, Well done.

With the family, the little boy and the new home, there is so much for you to look forward to.

All the very best.

Posted : 6th March 2020 9:18 pm

Lindsay well done wishing you all the best 

Posted : 6th March 2020 10:12 pm
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