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I am going to tell you my story and not preaching what you have to do, everyone is different.

I was gambling around than 18 years, in those 18 years I tried to give up several times it didn't work, last time I gambled was 25/JUL/2019, what worked is the following:

  1. I registered with game stop, giving them passport, name, address, sending picture of me holding the passport….and I was unable to gamble online.


That helped, but I was still going in the casino, now and then and I was gambling there, one night (25/JUL/2019) I got my salary, I went in casino and lost almost all my salary, I had enough, I called the manager of the casino and asked him to register me (next time I come to kick me out)


  1. Register in the casino, same procedure – passport, signatures, documents, picture…


That stop me for gambling further.


After 6 months, I have been clean, I start talking about my problem to everyone: family, friends, they were all surprised to hear what problems I had, they couldn't believe it.

Being a gambler you are always in some financial difficulties, so I was borrowing from different web sites on a believe it or not something like a 100% interest.

I found one web site, something like: camel… ( I founded and edited the post: and I sue every single last one of them, they all payed me back (more or less what they took from me), I consolidate my finances and I have been 14 months gambling free.

I do not have any urges anymore, I just wanted to tell you, what worked for me and maybe someone will do the same.

Guys, stop gambling you do not know what you are missing, life is beautiful when you do not gamble.

I just wanted to tell you my story, register everywhere, ask for help! This forum is great, but this forum will just make you feel better, you need to raise the game, to register with game stop, casinos, it, today, in 2-3 months you will see the benefits in 12 months you will be a different person. And when you register, don't register for 6 months, 12 months or those nonsense's - register for 5 years, if they have now 10 years, register for 10 years, century, millennium...

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Posted : 14th September 2020 10:17 pm

Hi, I lost a lot on credit cards which I couldn’t really afford, wish the credit card gambling ban had come in earlier, I am really struggling with one specific card, can’t seem to get to grips with it, they knew how much debt I had but let me gamble £13,000, it’s my fault I know.  It’ was so easy on credit cards, not like real money.

Posted : 15th September 2020 8:08 pm

Hello, I am very sorry about your situation, any addiction, whatever it may be, it is terrible, you can only get out, accepting the problem and looking for help, I wish you much strength and blessings

Posted : 16th September 2020 6:02 pm

I've read your story, it's sad but it's okay, try to get over it

Posted : 25th September 2020 10:42 am
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