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Coming up 2 years clean, changes are amazing  


Hi guys,

Almost 2 years ago I admitted to being a gambling addict after 14 years of addiction, I was 16 when I began, I hid my problem for long periods of time, to some it was obvious to others I wore the mask quite well.  Since coming clean and facing it head on the difference in my life is UNBELIEVABLE, so many things have changed and opportunities have now been presented to me.


I have almost cleared my debts, I had just over £5000 worth and now am in my final £250, I have become the manager of a business for a close friend of mine, my relationships with my family and friends are even stronger and I finally have respect for myself.  My fiancée and I are now able to properly plan our wedding for next year and because of my new salary we can splash out a little more on it, we are now discussing the possibility of buying a house in a few short years and adding a second car to the family.  These are all things I couldn’t have possibly dreamed of if I hadn’t admitted addiction and gone down the road of recovery, I am still recovering I have no doubt of that but I am in such a good place.


I hope those who read this don’t see it as bragging or an in your face thing but as encouragement that if you work hard at beating addiction and fight it head on the good things can come faster than you thought.  If someone had told me 2 years ago I would have the disposable income I have now if I stopped gambling I think the lying gambler I was would have laughed at them.


I find myself the most truthful I have ever been aswell, due to this my fiancée is able to trust me with everything I do.  If we take the fight to addiction we can win at life, a gambler never wins, we all find that out one way or another but living an honest life with loved ones makes u a true winner and take it from me the results are amazing.


I am an open book and happy to talk to anyone about my experiences and the things I did when I gambled and the work I have done in my first 2 years of recovery, I only hope I can help as many people as possible.

Posted : 13th August 2019 6:33 pm

Thank you for sharing your inspirational post, it will give many of us hope x

Posted : 14th August 2019 12:43 am

Inspirational stuff.  What are your top tips?

Posted : 14th August 2019 9:43 am

Hi there BDOG,


Firstly I would suggest have as big a group of people to support you as possible, the more people you are accountable to the easier it becomes to deal with it as you have a decent level of support.  Have limited funds to yourself aswell, as you learn to deal with having less, u appreciate that small amount more and in time will find it easier to hold larger amounts without feeling the need to try and gamble for more.


One of the biggest pointers I can give you is to look at where you want to be, don’t look at what has happened because you can’t change it, you can make those things better however.  Looking forward is a great start in building a future for yourself, it is never too late to make a success out of yourself even after fighting an evil addiction such as this.


If the problem is coping with being around fruit machines or online gambling then 2 things I would suggest is, for a while steer clear of the arcades, betting shops or pubs that can be a trigger for it and as for online I would say block your cards from being useable. Even then it is tough, I would NEVER have reached this level without my family and friends and seeing my counsellor who was provided to me by gamcare.  If counselling is what you think you need then I would strongly recommend it. I also post regular updates on my Facebook page for all my friends to see, that way I am accountable to so many people, it has worked wonders because since doing that a number of my friends have come forward asking for help.

I am always happy to give advice if I can or at least read and reply to anyone who just needs someone to talk to.


best of luck mate.

Posted : 14th August 2019 11:37 am

Great story, I read this the other day, massive well done.

Posted : 17th August 2019 5:36 am

Hey mate. Massive well done on your story. Inspirational stuff. 

My story is also similar, I gambled all of my disposable income for the best part of 9 years on online gambling websites. Lost a huge amount on my partner's birthday this year and the guilt I felt was unreal. I knew I could never lie like that again, too much! 

254 days Gamble Free now and still going strong. I feel so much more honest as a person and the extra cash is great to be able to live a normal life! 

Keep up the good work mate! We won't fall into that horrible trap ever again 👍

Posted : 22nd September 2019 11:42 pm
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