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Hi guys so I'm a compulsive gambler have been for around 13 years now but I always done it on the chance of winning big money. Putting big bets on getting a rush that you could win 500 pound in a spin the only gambling I ever done was the machines in the bookies I played roulette. Iv had some big wins and some major lows iv been suicidal over it almost lost my marriage job and family over it but since they brought that new thing j  where you can only put 2 quid in total on the roulette I haven't gambled once, haven't even thought about it to be honest as the max you can win is like 72 quid and that's if you put 2 quid on one number. I know alot of people moaned about this new thing coming in but it's the best thing in the world that could ever have happened to me I have genuinely stopped just like that. I know that I'm still a gambler it will always be there but this is the longest I haven't gambled for and I'm so happy and proud of that....I think it come in on March or April of this year so I'm a good 6 months in now anyway just thought is share my success story and I hope others have done the same I wish you all luck I know just how hard it is especially for us compulsive gamblers 

Posted : 24th September 2019 11:15 pm

Congratulation Purple with your success. I think one of the best things to happen in the high street in the last hundred years has been the reduction to 2 pound stake on Fobt's. It was madness that it was ever the case that £100 spins were ever allowed in what is usually a deprived area. 

There's no denying that there's a electric rush with a gambling win. But we need to find that rush in more productive ways. They are obviously out there. 

Posted : 25th September 2019 2:13 am

Ok Purple I will take any step in the right direction as good but Im jut giving you food for thought thts its unusual for people just to stop when the addiction ran deep.

Having said that though, any gaps are not really a sign that the addiction is under control unless its the start of a full abstention recovery with rock solid blocks.

I personally dont believe that the £2 limit will save many people but I do accept its better than the previous deregulation.

Ive seen what can be lost at £2 stakes so we would have to calculate how many spins can be had per minute because it adds up very rapidly.

Its a nasty addiction which can rise again at any time. I thought oh I can handle this but the day soon came when I  binged again and blew £1000 in a Scottish arcade in one afternoon.

That was at stakes far lower that £2 because I deluded myself I was a clever gambler playing low. I remember just feeling grim and in a trance through most of it....I was addicted to all of the chemicals including that nervous sinking feeling that it was all going all put me in a hypnotic state until I had no more available money.

So all the best to you but I would be wary if you dont have blocks in place

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

Posted : 26th September 2019 9:03 am
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