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3 years GF!


Hi all,

On 13th Feb this year I hit the 3 year mark of being GF. On this day that is 1149 days in total! I was just looking back at my first post from all that time ago and to be honest with you it really doesn't feel that long ago! When you begin your GF journey you read success stories and don't believe you will ever get to that point but trust me, you do and it happens faster than you know. 

I read some of the replies I received and a lot of people said to take each day as it comes, don't gamble, be honest with your loved ones and eventually your life and everything within it will begin to take shape in the way you want it to. How true they were.  

For me the most important thing was to get the relevant blocks in place and to be honest with your loved ones and friends down to every last single detail. No hiding, no lying. Gambling feeds off of this. It was also important to completely abstain from every form of gambling. My poison was roulette, but I stayed away from putting £2 on the lottery, from getting involved in the grand national sweepstake at work, poker nights at friends houses, betting on the brides mothers dress colour at the next wedding. I'd be lying if I said at this point in my journey I don't think about gambling. I went down the pub last night to play darts with some friends and next to us was a big flashing screen to play slots. Somewhere in your mind you still get that very tiny urge, but man it's so easy to say no.   

I stand by this saying and will do for the rest of my life - "Every day you don't gamble you are winning". I really hope that someone reads this and gets some inspiration. So many of us have been in that dark place but I promise you, there is no better feeling than living a GF life. 

All the best. 

Topic starter Posted : 7th April 2022 1:56 pm
Forum admin

Dear Dave, 

Congratulations on being 3 years gamble free, your story is a true inspiration to others so please continue to share your experiences with the other users. 


Forum Admin

Posted : 9th May 2022 5:56 am
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