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14 days gamble free  


I honestly have to say, I’m bewildered..I mean, I have been addicted to online slots for years..I’ve been able to give up slots the odd time, maybe a week or two..but that was probably because I was going to bingo..I’ve spent thousands, I don’t even want to count.. years worth of a earning a great wage and blowing it all..years of my partner not really knowing how much I make (in self employed) he thinks we just get by, gosh he’s happy if we have 100£ in the bank..all because of me. My last day gambling was the 11th April, I had maybe 90p left in my account..can you imagine? Two kids..a fiancé, and 90p in your account?? My fiancé has nothing, his whole wage goes on our wage is supposed to be saved..but he believes we are just scraping when I saw I had 90p left to my name at 33 years old..two gorgeous kids depending on me, I just lost it..I came on here and made a little post, it wasn’t long, I just wanted to reach out quickly, knowing that if I didn’t then I wouldn’t try to change..I’m so glad I did..I installed Gamban, I don’t think of gambling, it’s stopped all the adds on FB from appearing..I’m not triggered, I feel free from it..of course I have my thoughts, I had a few today..but I can’t get on the sites due to the block..knowing there is a block is somehow so helpful, yet I also know it can be undone..but I want to change..14 days, I honestly feel a lot better in many ways, I’m doing things I don’t normally do anymore like cooking, enjoying time with my kids more, i was a little down and I threw my head in my work diary and my laptop, I feel bad for ignoring the kids, they probably didn’t notice but I’m doing this for them anyway, keeping myself busy helps so much..thank you for this site, thank you for helping me find Gamban..stay strong everyone, day one is your step to a new life, please believe me there is a different version of how we see life when we are hooked on these games x

Posted : 25th April 2021 10:56 pm

Well done on day 14, I'm on day 4 now, we can do this.

Can I ask, does you husband know the extent of your gambling? I only ask because your story is so like mine. I'm self employed and my husband earns a good wage, his wage like yours pays all the bills but I can happily eat in to that to to gamble aswell and  leave is on pennies, I always feel sick to my core when I see how much I've wasted and trying to chase losses. I've got to do this. I want to admit to my husband he thinks I played free spins and not deposits. His not interested in gambling so doesn't even question it. I've self excluded to 5 years and signed up to have blocks, I just hope this time next year I will still be gamble free and actually have savings than borrowing peter to pay Paul and to be able just know I can treat the kids and not worry its food money as I've spent all the money that should of been spare 



Posted : 26th April 2021 4:15 pm

Well done! If you can do 14 days you can keep going.  
I am 356 days gamble free LIFE IS FANTASTIC! No guilt, dread checking the bank. Keep going! 

I wish you the best of luck 


Posted : 26th April 2021 9:08 pm
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