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Stephen - Stopped Gambling 1st November 2019  

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Hello Diary.

Dissapointed but will have to keep trying.

Pleased however, that I have paid all bills and have enough to put in bank for a direct debit on Monday and I also put some money on a Tesco gift card so I will be ok for groceries.



Posted : 2nd November 2019 12:02 am

----------DIARY CLOSED --------

Posted : 2nd November 2019 1:53 am


Welcome to a new day. I am pleased to hear that you are taking care of yourself in so far as you put some money on a Tesco card so you can get groceries. 

I hope your mood picks up and you have a brighter day today. 

Drama x

Posted : 2nd November 2019 12:56 pm

Well done. It’s not easy getting to grips with the post gambling work, but it sounds like your being responsible with bills now. Great start!


Posted : 3rd November 2019 10:02 am

Thankyou for posting on my diary DramaLlama & Oranje01. I appreciate your support and encouragement.

Thanks also to Eve in Admin who posted on my other diary offering me further support. I really appreciate all you have done in trying to help me overcome my compulsion to gamble. For the time being I will carry on as usual but if I fail again than I will have to have a rethink.

Running away from the diaries is not the answer to my gambling problem so I will continue to keep a diary and live with the hope that maybe this time I can do better.

I was very surprised that I gambled because the fobt machines (roulette) have been given an extra zero and I figured that I can't win against one zero never mind two but than I thought well I'm here now so I might as well have a little go and than proceeded to lose all what I had in cash plus two switch transactions. Absolute madness and I was furious with myself as well as being completely demoralised.

I am also puzzled as to how I can lose so much money in just a few hours when the stake us only two pounds and this is the third or fourth time this has happened. The numbers are supposed to be random so I can only assume I am extremely unlucky.

Anyway it's done now so hope that is the end of it. 



Posted : 4th November 2019 10:34 pm

Bonfire night!

I think it is sad for the animals and birds but that is not something I can alter in any way. Best wishes to everyones pets.

What I can alter is my life, my thoughts and beliefs and that is exactly what I intend to do. 

It is 4 days since I gambled which is not a great feat seeing as I have had very little money but now I have sufficient understanding to beat this insidious addiction once and for all.

Intend to change my outlook on life and will work on my recovery in a more positive manner.


Today I have evolved and am sat in pastures new

Possessing hope and vision with a will to see this through

The Stephens gone before tried and failed to put things right 

But the hero who was born today will stand his ground and fight



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Posted : 5th November 2019 4:40 pm

Good that you're keeping the hope and belief Stephen. Never give up giving up. Sometimes we need to try new approach, esp when things we tried already stopped working.


I believe you will find your path.


All the best


S&B xx

Posted : 5th November 2019 6:05 pm
Changing habit

Well done Stephen and lovely poem. Have you ever thought about going to a gambling Rehab? I did and found it a great help for years. I hit rock bottom and had went to Gordon moody Rehab. I was doing great for 4 or 5 years not 1 gamble. I lost my focus and slowly started to not to do the right things like deal with my problems and stop talking to people. I let myself get drawn back into what ifs. Hope things get back on the right direction for you. 

Posted : 5th November 2019 6:48 pm

Thankyou for visiting my diary CH. I appreciate the advice and support and have replied on your diary. You have a very positive attitude towards recovery and I wish you every success and happy days for you and your family.


Hello Diary. I am ok.


Woke up this morning still alive

Gamble free and on day five

Thoughts of last Friday still cause me distress 

Memories of me with my head in a mess


Posted : 6th November 2019 10:58 am

Hello Diary.

Feeling a bit more cheerful as I will get my weekly state pension tomorrow. 

Going to a dance class at 11-30 and might go to a charity variety show at 2-00 if I feel in the mood. 


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Posted : 6th November 2019 11:11 pm

Hello Diary.

It has been a really fun day during which I have danced and spent time in an art gallery looking at a couple of exhibitions which I really enjoyed. I had thought of going to a variety show this afternoon but not enough time.

No desire to gamble but I only have limited funds so that is understandable. I am not expecting any temptation on the gambling front until the end of the month when I have a bit more money and even than I don't think it will be a problem.

I have made a couple of plans and given myself a good talking to so I think maybe my time has come to be gamble-free on a permanent basis.


Eyes are sharply focussed on the journey up ahead

Conscience clear each evening when I'm snug as a bug in bed

No more looking all forlorn or kicking up a fuss

Gamble-free is the way to be for Stephen The Virtuous 


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Posted : 7th November 2019 6:21 pm
Forum admin

Sounds good Stephen the virtuous! Nicely put.


Forum Admin

Posted : 7th November 2019 9:52 pm

I'm pleased to hear you got to an art gallery. I work near one and it's a brilliant way to pass the time wondering around and looking at all the exhibits. I am pleased also that you are back posting again. I really did miss you. I liked what you said on Stace's page about us being a recovery family. It does feel like that and it's okay to not be okay and if you can't be not okay on a recovery site, where can you be?

Anyway, I'll quit waffling on your thread. 

Take care of you



Posted : 7th November 2019 10:52 pm

Hi Stephen, 

I just wanted to say thankyou for your posts on my diary, Much appreciated and I have replied to you on my diary.

Sounds like your doing really well, keep it up 🙂 

Stace x

Posted : 8th November 2019 3:40 am

Thanks Fiona, Drana and Stace for visiting my diary. I appreciate your support and encouragement.

Yesterday I popped in the dance studio where I am going to a couple of classes over the weekend. Two professional dancers had been rehearsing a small dance routine to perform as part of a bigger piece and they offered to do it again so I could watch them perform. It was just amazing to watch them dance and really made my day. There are some lovely people in the world. Later in the day I got chatting with an acquaintance I bumped into and that was also a lot of fun.

Spent next to nothing yesterday and it was enjoyable which was a sharp contrast to the previous Friday when I visited a betting shop and gave them a lot of money and got nothing in return except for two plastic cups of coffee.

I know it is counter productive to dwell on monies lost but it really annoys me when I think of all the things I could be doing with money I have given to betting shops.

I really do hope that I have finally learnt my lesson.


Time to be cool and stop being a fool putting my cash in machines

Recovering friends on the diaries they know just what I means

If ever thoughts enter my mind suggesting that I have a gamble

I'll put my head in a mixing bowl and give it a real good scramble


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Posted : 9th November 2019 12:54 am
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