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Well after 6 months of being self excluded with Gamstop I decided to have it removed, I thought I would be able to control my gambling, what a big mistake,  so all my hard work being gamble free for 6 month was ruined in one day!! Very angry with myself. So Gamstop is back on and I start again. Not been on Gamcare in a long time I think that was my mistake, always helps reading the posts on here, so I’ll be doing that a lot from now on. Good luck everyone. 

Posted : 12th July 2020 5:03 pm

Hi jfield I'm afraid this addiction is for life and unless you , me, everyone on here accept that fact things will always be difficult. I don't ever intend taking blocks off as it's been hardfought to get to 39 days and I cannot imagine how sick you must feel after 6 months. But you've come back on here to 'own it' and that took courage. Keep the blocks there always don't give yourself another chance to fail it's not worth it . Use the courage it took to come back and try again don't beat yourself up. Welcome back to the gamble free club ! Best wishes

Posted : 12th July 2020 5:22 pm

Well done, remember it's never too late.. You can start all over again today, i have this addiction since lockdown and it's an awful feeling , one day i say i have to stop and the day after I go back and gable all my winning till i lose it all. Gamble is the worst addiction , it should be illegal and remember you can not make money with it otherwise we will all be super rich. 

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Posted : 12th July 2020 5:49 pm

Hiya jfeild 

It's horrible when you relapse and you've not got the blocks in place to limit the harm you can do, but atleast you've got the right idea to get back on site therefore helping you throw things at this difficult time and the way I see it is just start again one day at a time that's all any off us can do 

Posted : 12th July 2020 6:23 pm
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