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I couldn't sleep,  my brain wouldn't switch off so started flicking through tv channels. Came across people discussing old movies. One in particular I remembered first time round, GREASE. Me and friends all went to see it, I thought at the time they were a bit old to be at school  (stocard channing was 33 when she played Rizzo!!) I digress sorry. Anyway the big song from that film was huge hit all over the world. .but the original song words were changed,  so having nothing else to do in the night I have found original lyrics for you, it's actually about gambling and if only I knew then what I know now. If if if.  Anyway here goes. ..

I got bills ; they're multiplying 

And I'm not in control 

Cos the power, of online betting, it's memorising. 

I'd better shape up, cos I'll never win, and I'm scared of losing you.

I'd better shape up, I'd better understand, carry this on and I'll be blue.

Nothing  left, nothing left for me and you.

You're not what I want,  oo oo oo gambling, not what I want gambling oo oo oo.

If your filled with repulsion, and to shy to confess 

Come along into group chat, we won't judge you any less.

"Are you sure", yes we're sure down deep inside. 

You're not what I want gambling  oo oo oo, gambling not what I want oo oo oo

Repeat chorus ect ect.

The author of these lyrics  (that would be me) would like to add the following disclaimer. .anyone who now has tune stuck in head is not to complain to me!!😃😃

Happy Wednesday all.


Posted : 2nd December 2020 8:29 am
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