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My Recovery Journey!  


Good morning,

It has been a tough 12 days.. but im 12 days gamble free!

I am feeling proud that i have been able to get this far so far! I am still feeling guilty and rubbish because of the amount ive gambled over the last 6 months or so. Its also hard because im not really seeing the results of being gamble free yet as i still havent got money in my account really, i have £70 which is more than ive had since the 7th! but that money has to stay there for a hotel on saturday for my sisters wedding, my dad is very kindly giving me the rest of the money for the hotel and some for food while we are there! 

I cant wait to start feeling happy again! i am waiting for a phone call to talk to my doctor about my mental health because it has done down hill a lot the last 12 days, im ready to get the support from my gp as well as on here and from family,

Time to start living life properly!


Posted : 19th July 2021 9:17 am

Hi sammie, massive welldone on 12 days 🙂🙂 thats fab. Sorry your mental health ain't great, hopefully the doctor can help you so you start feeling better again..

Guilt is a horrible feeling, it does eventually start to go..

Hope you have a lovely time at your sisters wedding.

Stay strong. 


Posted : 19th July 2021 9:39 am

Hi stace, lovely to hear from you! 

thank you! Slowly getting there, the urges are getting slightly less to gamble, but some days are harder


hope you are well! Xx 

Posted : 19th July 2021 10:28 am
Forum admin

Hi @sammiep95,

Glad to see you are posting in the Recovery Diaries section. Well done on being 12 days gamble free, like you said it hasn't been easy but you pulled through.  Things will get better  with time and you will start to see all the benefits and positives of making the decision to be gamble free.

I hear your mental health has been impacted over this period,  it is positive you have contacted  your GP to get support with this. If you need to talk about this, you can also contact MIND or the Samaritans. 

I would also encourage you call our helpline on 0800 802 0133 or on Livechat where you can talk to our friendly advisors about your situation. Our helpline is open 24 hours. 

Wishing all the best and hope you get all the support and encouragement within your recovery.

Keep posting and sharing!


Forum Admin.

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Posted : 20th July 2021 10:29 am

well done sammy doing really well keep it going , you me and stace all at very similar stages of recovery all in first month, we can all do it and support each other along the way well done.

Posted : 22nd July 2021 8:17 pm

Day 22 Gamble FREE!!!

Feeling good today! has been 3 weeks and 1 day since I last spent money on gambling!
Still been a tough few weeks due to not having any money at all, couldn't spend what I did have as had to use that for a hotel and stuff for my sisters wedding! Which was AMAZING! If I was still gambling, then we would not have stayed in a hotel for the night because I would have gambled that money.

Pay day in 5 days! I am excited for a pay day for once! I will actually have money spare! It is going to be difficult not being able to gamble and the money being there, but already have plans for what I can do with some of the money! (For distaction to not gamble). 

I will be able to save money for holidays, our own place, plan a wedding, save for a wedding, treat us all!
I am excited for the future!


Sammie Xoxo <3

Posted : 29th July 2021 6:46 pm
Forum admin

Hi Sammie

Well done on 22 days! 

It will feel great for you to have disposable income again when payday comes. Have you thought about how you could protect that money so you can put it aside for your future plans?

I'm sure other forum members will have some suggestions and you're also welcome to contact us on 0808 8020 133 or on Livechat.

Best wishes

Forum Admin

Posted : 29th July 2021 9:11 pm
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