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Day 54  


Hi day 54 , this weeks been a tough one, me and the husband have argued then made up only to argue the next day! It felt like a revolving door! Last night we set up his banking app and like any time we try and talk about money, bang! We both on 1! I told him I didn’t deserve being constantly reminded of 1 mistake I’ve made, especially when I’m doing everything I can to make it right! I told him I’m sorry that I took money from him but he had/has a choice either we start from now or he has to go! Anyway after calming down we actually talked and I think we have said what needed to be said, I told him he can’t throw it back in my face because we just stuck in limbo all the time and we’ve agreed this isn’t working for us, I love him to death & he’s a good man I know he’s struggling too and that hurts me knowing I’ve done that to him but we really talked not sugar coating anything so I hope the future is getting brighter! It’s still early days but he knows the gambling part of me isn’t something he needs to worry about but him saying horrible things is soul destroying and we have a safe word so now if he’s being a meany I have to say “bellybutton” his idea not mine, we will walk away for a bit and come back to the issue another time! See ya! Jadie xx

Posted : 4th July 2020 10:18 am

Oh Jardie 

It's just like a rollercoaster for you at the minute, I can't say mine is any different as the snide comments things like your not a real man, I don't know why I've stayed with you. Your just fat and ugly stealing from me.the point is I see where she's coming from yes I've put weight on maybe fat and ugly as definitely feel it inside. She's upstairs getting ready to go out saying that she mite pull herself that real man she's after. Sometimes I just feel like giving up walking out that door and no One would see me again. I choose to tell you the exact word's she's saying and the best off it all it's true. I really hope your other half doesn't put you through these tints as your beautiful inside and out just with that little devil off addiction on your shoulder keep smiling Jardie life for you is for living never forget that

Posted : 4th July 2020 3:45 pm
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