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Hi everyone.  So I had done really well in not using the slot machines at my local bingo hall. I could go to bingo and stay away from the slot machines. Then lockdown happened and I had lots of spare money so when bingo opened up again I started on the slot machines again. Luckily I did manage to control how much. But not again I will not be falling into that trap again. I signed up to gamecare so I can’t go online and have started saving some money. I’m a 44 year old without any savings at all which I find very shameful.  I just needed to come on here and write this down to make it real. I will have money in my bank at the end of every month 😃

Posted : 12th January 2021 8:04 pm

😀happy for you, truly.

Money is not everything, you start over wiser.

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Posted : 13th January 2021 1:45 am
Forum admin

Hello Claire,

Glad to hear you are making positive steps around your gambling.  You have taken the step to put Gamstop in place which is really good and will help restrict your access to gambling  online.  Pleased you are using the Forum as an outlet and to reaffirm your goals in recovery .

If you would like any additional support please do not hesitate contacting us on the HelpLine number, 0808 8020 133 or via our 1:1 Livechat on the GamCare website.

Take care and keep posting!

Wishing you all the best


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Posted : 13th January 2021 10:48 am

Hi Clairepotter and welcome to the forum.

I hope you realise that you have to search deep and tell somebody close if you can. Once you have been hooked its not a case of clicking your fingers with willpower to stop. You can never be complacent again but you will build a pride during a proper recovery that you dont need gambling in your life and dont go to gambling dens

You need to think why you were in gambling environments like bingo. What were you searching for because the social side they sell linked to bingo doesnt wash with me.  Its a false environment and gambling is simply a highly addictive and toxic drug to the system.

Slots are the crystal meth of the gambling world. I should know as I was been addicted to them since about 1975. They are a highly devious scam and yes I would call them evil devices. 

They are designed for escape gamblers who ignore the odds. pretty images lights and trance reels promote a false sense of activity and if I told you the real odds you begin to understand how they operate. The operators take approx 2o% of the turnover every year no matter what so they are an income scheme for them...they wouldnt operate them otherwise as all the risk is really with you

I would say get all the help you can get to restrict access to your money and locations while you heal. Even feeling flush or happy can be a trigger to gamble you say lots of spare money which you dont want to chuck away down a grid again.

Gambling is not the answer to how you feel about life. Its a mugs game and mainly a tax on the less well off who are naturally tempted by the smoke and mirrors of something promising to be kind to them.

You need not feel shame. Reach out for help and start to learn about this addiction. You can make it history but must always be wary about being complacent with something you are vulnerable to.

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

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Posted : 13th January 2021 1:33 pm
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