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18 days without a bet!


18 days without a bet and feeling great about it. 

I feel like my brain is finally starting to move away from the grip of the addiction that led me to have toxic traits. 

Everyday gets easier, but each day at a time.

Topic starter Posted : 3rd July 2022 10:37 pm
Gerard G

Congratulations! Way to go. With your attitude I am sure each day will get better and better. 

Posted : 4th July 2022 2:31 am


18 days gamblng free well done.

Giving up unhealthy habits and exchanging them forhealthy habits.

Gambling for me was an unhealthy toxic habit.

Each day gamblng free I get more directed on my my needs my wants and achieveing more and more goals.

In hearing healthy therapies I see and feel my self in others.

By being humbled to all people in the recovery program I see my self as an equal.

If another person in the recovery can achieve new goals I can do so also.

I am happy to not have to lie to myself today.

I am happy that I am not frzen in my fears today.

I am happy that today I am a self sufficient person today.

Love and peace to everyone

Dave L

AKA Dave of Beckenham UK

Posted : 4th July 2022 3:59 am
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