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Why do I make myself unhappy  

OldfruitLisa 19

Back again after going nearly 2 months gf. I was doing well, still craving a bet where and there but felt determined and now I feel silly as I've relapsed, I managed to find a way around the GamStop because up until then it was working well but I gambled recently and lost £400 that's £400 I can't afford to lose, I feel so stupid and have let myself down. 

One thing I have realised is that nothing had changed, I still can't have a little flutter and be happy at that, no I have to chase and chase and chase and try to recover what I lost and more because I don't like being defeated but ultimately I will always be the loser and no matter how much I enjoy the win feeling it will never make me satisfied I will never be content therefore stopping for good is the only option and I have to do it for my own sanity and to save the life I have which is perfect, married, baby own home good job.....etc why do I want to throw all of that away it's ridiculous!!!


So glad I can come here and feel allowed to open up and share my addiction 


Posted : 10th October 2019 5:52 pm

Try not to feel stupid, 2 months is a really good run! I’m currently on a 90 day gf run and I know what you mean by craving a bet. Don’t give up and we’ll all beat this horrible addiction together!

Posted : 10th October 2019 8:08 pm

Please don't feel silly, we're all here for the same reason. I relapsed so many times before I realised that no win would ever be big enough and that there were underlying reasons I gambled just didn't even realise they existed. Take care and here's to a GF future S 🙂

Posted : 10th October 2019 8:55 pm
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