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[Closed] Understanding Online Gambling Behaviour Study  

Forum admin
Posted : 24th November 2020 5:13 pm

Evening all,

I am no expert, however, I do have a few suggestions:

1. Buy a copy of Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters for £6.99 from any good book store (Amazon, Ebay). The urge to gamble is your monkey self, not you. 

2. Sign up with all casinos and gambling sites and self exclude yourself for maximum amount of time.

3. Sign up with Gamstop and download Gamban on your mobile phone.

4. If possible, sign up with Fintech bank such as Monzo bank that bars all gambling transactions and create a pot that pays yourself £1 daily for not gambling. This is used as a visual motivation tool as well as keeps a track record of your gamble free days.

5. Albert Einstein once quoted: if you do something over and over,  you'll get the same result. 

6. Finding a replacement for your gambling such as short walks, visit libraries, bike riding, reading etc. Anything that is counter productive and stuff that interests you.

7. Gambling (Greed) is not on the life menu- even the Bible states "You shall not covet your neighbours goods," Eventhough you may not be religious,  however, it is an invaluable advice.

8. If you get the gambling urges- go and watch Utube clips on recovery gamblers such as Only Phil and the winning hand. Find out as much information as you can to beat this greedy monkey.

9. Forgiveness- learn to live with it. As time passes it will become easier and easier regardless of how much money lost in the process.

10. Try to separate yourself and your behaviour- as they're two entities. 

11. Remember, time is on your side- healing process can start.

12. If all fails, go to GA meeting and start 12 steps. Go and seek professional help.

I hope this helps. 

All the best.


Ps A thousand miles begin with one step

Posted : 4th January 2021 11:21 pm

@soysauce147 I'll use this because it isn't anyone's specific post. Do you really think there is a benefit to just copying and pasting the same advice on everyone's posts. Apart from some monkey and not being an expert, but... It's standard rhetoric with no context from yourself. Do this, do that . Anyone can tell anyone else what to do, and if you understood anything about recovery, you'd understand that telling others to do something will not work. Advice needs to be given with reason or experience in order to make it relatable.

If you're going to quote Einstein, quote it properly.

If you're going to tell people that if all else fails go to Ga and work the steps, explain how that worked for you, which if you had worked them you would be doing. 

Don't offer stupid advice like signing up to casino sites just so you can self exclude. The fact you're signed up means you put yourself in temptations way. Gamstop, yes. Gamban, yes.

In Ga there's a sign that says don't lecture, just tell your own story. Try that. 

If you have nothing relatable to say, don't say anything. My advice is given either because I have been in a situation which is being asked about, that's it. I don't comment on every post, I can't, because I can't always relate. How does my experience relate to the postee? What did I do and how did it help or hinder me? Tell your story, let the postee or reader make up their own minds. 


Posted : 5th January 2021 12:06 am

I agree Chris thanks for bringing this up i was thinking soy why not make your own post and share your experience advice and tips on there.

You only just joined the site and seem to be copy and pasting them same advice everywhere you may trying to be helpful but like on mine the advice was irrelevant for my recovery i have the block and im doing well gamble free. I feel like you are copy and pasting but not reading peoples posts .like Chris said be great if you could shate your story.

Lou x

Posted : 5th January 2021 12:13 am

Well said Chris, 5 copy and pastes in last hour!

Posted : 5th January 2021 12:19 am


Thanks for your message and advices in how to communicate better with the audience. Tip taken.

I am a person who likes to drop gems here and there. More importantly, I do not look down on people as well. 

I will do better in future 😊


Posted : 5th January 2021 12:24 am
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