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Sure bet never  

Mark Powell

Sure bet never


We all start somewhere

With the world as our oyster

But far too often we let it end

In disaster


We aspire to be rich

More so than healthy

And our choice to gamble

Just makes the operators wealthy


We do it for the buzz

For the thrill of a win

Oh how we’d all love to go back

To never begin


So we gamble for fun

Just like the ad says

Yet we lose all our money

Along with our cares


So the guilt sets in

Seemingly never repaired

There’s no one to turn to

To help our despairs


But the above paragraph

Is where it is wrong

For as long as we have hope

There is reason to be strong


Whether it be for family, friends

Loved ones or both?

These are the ones who will

Help us the most


So be true to yourself

And those you hold dear

For they are the ones who will

Share and help ally your fears


Gambling is cruel and will

Never be kind

It is a constant battle with

The strength of your mind


The odds that you see rarely

Work in your favour

Never be afraid to reach out

And find your saviour


For it may be someone that

You never ever meet

But they are invaluable to you

Should they help you back on your feet


So be not afraid to

Change your ways

And learn to be healthy

For the rest of your days


Find strength in yourself

And in others too

And throughout your recovery

Always strive to be the best

Version of you.



Posted : 23rd December 2019 7:20 pm
Forum admin

Dear Mark

Just wanted to say this is a very inspirational poem and deserves a bump so more people can read it.

Best wishes

Forum Admin

Posted : 12th March 2020 10:35 pm
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