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Pavlovs reinforcement in 2021  


We are now teaching calves to go to the bathroom. Out of 16 calves, 11 learnt how to go to the bathroom after just 25 tries with reinforcing (ie reward after the behaviour) Why is this important? Well, you have also been through reinforcement of sorts when you started off on your gambling paths and by knowing a thing like this you will realise that it is not hard to learn a behaviour but it can be harder to stop it. Take the above example forex. Let's say someone now tells you that the bathroom routines can only be done in the living room that would take some getting used to right? But it would quite quickly be the new routines with Pavlov's reinforcement idea because that is how we have learned things by being rewarded. The idea here is to is to understand that all of this. The c**P and awfulness is something you have been taught to start with, just like the calves. And if you can look at it objectively you can start to plan an exit by changing that behaviour. One small bit at the time.



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Posted : 19th September 2021 7:06 pm
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