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Gambling addict


I've never actually said it, even though I do recognise I have a problem with gambling. I've never admitted to being an 'addict' it just sounds a horrible word I don't like the label

But finally i must say I am a gambling addict. 

I feel stupid for the massive  relapse I went managed staying gamble free for a year worked hard to pay off all my debt . But here I am again 

It's an addiction I feel many wouldn't even understand unless they have been through it. 

It can be a lonely depressing place to be. I could have been in a much better place but now look what I've done.

It's broken me financially and as a person

Not blaming the company's but these sites are cruel with how they can make people become addicted

Lou x 

Topic starter Posted : 6th January 2022 2:24 am

Hi Lou, 

I’m new here too and just like you, I’ve finally realised and accepted my addiction. I had also spent a good year of not gambling other than the odd bet here and there. 

I agree the sites are horrible and I see why they are banned in some countries. I had a long chat with the gambling commission yesterday after my big loss complaining about their policies and they just didn’t seem to care. 

Gamcare has been amazing these past few days for me and is a good place to be. 

I’ve just registered to GAMSTOP which I never saw myself doing as I was so addicted and didn’t want to stop.

It won’t get your money back, nothing will sadly but it’s better than chasing it back and feeding those horrendous sites. I don’t wanna put anymore of my hard earned money back into them. 

They always win no matter what! 

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Posted : 6th January 2022 8:41 am

Hi Lou, 

Well done on admitting your a gambling addict. I understand the label is not nice to have but admitting it will make the process a lot easier. Try not to think about the past e.g you could be better off if you’d not lost xxx amount that’s all irrelevant now. Instead look to the future and appreciate that if you don’t gamble for xxx amount of time you’ll be in a much happier place than you was when you were gambling. 

Posted : 6th January 2022 5:14 pm

Hi Lou, firstly welcome back xxxx


Like I said to stace on chat the day counting can have it's draw backs as you hit the year mark and stumbled I could see u might think why not carry on gambling now I'm at a cross roads in the recovery.......  I think the best way is to take a step back and think yes I have gambled again but on the whole a year is a great achievement and if I'm allways striving to not gamble then a blip is a blip and I can continue to work on it forever so even if we take a knock and start the gamble free days again it doesn't matter it's just a continual process of gambling the least amount we can....... Hope that makes sense.... Love to see u back here have asked after you on many occasions...


Lots of love Adam xxxx

Posted : 6th January 2022 9:56 pm

Hi Lou, saw you on chat briefly but didn't get a chance to reply.......  Hope ur ok.......  Get off those sites......comeback here if you can....  All the best Adam xxx

Posted : 21st February 2022 9:09 pm
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