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December Challenge - Preparing for 2020  

Unknown L

Hello Everyone - A brief introduction of myself. I'm a compulsive gambler, and have been for a few years now. I'm young, and looking to get rid of this addiction so I can clear my debt and start creating a better life for myself. I'm going to start a new recovery diary in 2020, hopefully 1 month gamble free. 

I'm doing this challenge, in the run up to the new year. In which everyday, I will come back here and tell everyone how I coped throughout the day. Tips to stay away from gambling, and more.

Just so everyone knows, I have all the blocks you can think of, in place. But us compulsive gamblers can unfortunately always find a way to gamble. So today is the 25th. I'll be back in 6 days on the 1st of December! Hope to see you all then, and hopefully everyone can join in and be 1 month gamble free at the start of 2020. A much needed fresh start.

Posted : 25th November 2019 10:41 pm

TIP Also you might want to update your public profile when you have stop date and you can see how many days you have done this can help a little. 


Posted : 25th November 2019 10:45 pm

Your making a wise move.

Now everyone needs to make there own mind up and I had plenty of people on this site tell me to stop now, it's not worth going back etc and ultimately I didn't listen, I thought I could control it. 

I first had a profile on here in 2010 with if I remember rightly 1500 in debt and I was 24. Oh how I wish I could have stayed stopped then. I'm now 33 and have 6500 of debt and I won't say the last 9 years have been all horrible but they certainly could have been better and I have had some seriously dark times because of gambling.

What I'm trying to get at as I randomly type away is that when you go back to gambling it always gets worse, the amount of times I thought I hit rock bottom and I would always find there was another level to the pain gambling can course. I'm not one on here that is against gambling but I just know it is not for me and can cause destruction in me. 

I hope you do have the strength to stop now and enjoy your life trust me it isn't worth going back to gambling.

Good luck to you, I hope you complete this challenge. I may come along from the ride but I am fairly inactive now a days but maybe I'll come back on, it's a decent place to be! 

Posted : 26th November 2019 9:42 am
Unknown L

I've forgotten to post yesterday! Didn't realise December came around so fast. Thanks for the comments. I hope everyone is trying to tackle this addiction. As mentioned before, you need to make the decision now. Don't gamble for the rest of December, and go into 2020 with a month gamble free tucked away. Put your blocks in place now, set your self exclusion. Hand over control of your money. Stop being scared to make a change. For your own good. I'm going to post daily now. Good luck all.

Posted : 2nd December 2019 7:24 pm
Unknown L

Today has been tough. I really wanted to gamble today. I need to sticky to my plans. Concentrate on good things I want to do with my life. Set out some goals. Tomorrow I am going to the gym to keep myself busy after work. I'm also going to try and keep my spending throughout the next month to a minimum, if possible, as it is December, detestably the most expensive month of the year. See you all tomorrow. 

Posted : 2nd December 2019 10:09 pm

I’m trying to do the same thing and enter 2020 gambling free. I let myself down big time this morning as I lost £300 in the FOBT and was £200 overdrawn. I put a football bet on as well and won it all back and more this afternoon but my emotions are all over the place. I can’t keep doing this and want to start 2020 fresh and look forward to focusing on different things. I’m 27 and don’t want to be doing this still when I’m 40 odd. 

Posted : 21st December 2019 9:08 pm
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