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Hello everyone,

I want to raise some awareness about an experience that led me to have a gambling problem when I was underage.

I was able to register online when I was 17 with a leading online bookmaker and I was allowed to gamble away around 10-15k with no checks being made.

11 years later and a lot of money lost my parents house being sold and a lot of debt I’ve managed to park that and I’m trying to build it back gamble free.

however this is playing in the back of my mind that how many others could there be? Surely this kind of thing needs to be spoken about and brought to the attention of who it needs to be?

I must emphasise I’ve parked my losses and I’m not looking to recoup any of my losses but I really do think there could be plenty of others in a similar boat.

All advice welcome 🙂



Topic starter Posted : 19th June 2022 1:02 am

Know your customer checks online have been under intense scrutiny by regulators for the last 5 years 

I'm not sure its as easy to sign up under false information as it once was 



Posted : 19th June 2022 12:07 pm

Welcome Luke111

I would like to add to your comment by saying this is a long running theme of no protection. The reality is that if they had ever stepped up proper protection they would have to start admitting it is a highly addictive vice which is far away from wholesome entertainment. 

I started when I was around 12 and nobody stopped me or cared where machines were placed. Very sadly it doesn't surprise me about the lack of proper checks for online gambling.

The gambling dens are pushers and enablers. I Disagree with some who say its all our responsibility. I bear enough responsibility to recover properly but I bear in mind who offered deadly temptation.

I've studied this addiction now and gambling should carry an official health warning If it is not to be banned. I now know that I am not an acceptable casualty and there are countless people at all stages of this addiction

Please reach out for help and tell your family. Its a drug addiction more than anything craving you into chasing for a fix. It's NOT A GET IT BACK LATER is a drug fix where the body creates natural opiates and delusional minds

I gambled away the price of a house trying to get that first tenner back......go figure......its pure madness which can only be explained as a mind altering illness!

The authorities dont care because its a massive tax earner. I think the gambling commission are useless and the lack of regulation says it all.

I wish the authorities did care about your story. The tragedy is that there will be another 17 year old starting right now on a similar path

The advice is to humbly respect the power of addiction and get proper help to protect your future.

Best wishes from everyone on the forum


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Posted : 20th June 2022 7:24 pm
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