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In 2017 I told my partner I had a gambling issue and I was suffering with depression I addressed my problems but since then I’ve had this constant itch / distraction that I’ve kept a lid on until the last couple of months and I’ve started to gamble again. The horrible feelings and thoughts have all come flooding back to me and a I feel lower than I’ve ever felt. My partner saw my bank statement and confronted me and of course I tried to lie myself out of it and this has caused me to be on the brink of losing my partner, daughter and home. Gambling has completely consumed me again. I’ve not gambled in 2 days but I find myself on the website looking at everything I would back and then get a sinking feeling when it wins I it feels like I’ve lost out. 
hate feeling like this and hate all the dark thoughts that have crept back. 

Posted : 30th May 2020 11:00 pm

I am in the same situation my friend, i have had to admit i have a problem or faced losing everything which i couldn't let happen as i have a beautiful family, home and job. i myself lied to my partner, i had been good for 2 months but have again gambled this weekend although i didn't spend much but that's not the point i hate myself once again. I have joined here to try and get some help and support going forward.

Posted : 1st June 2020 2:01 pm

It's so easy to gamble again as you only have to gamble once but have to stop yourself everyday I've told my story so much but if this makes you think then I'll be happy as now I don't have a penny to buy some bread never mind anything to lose gambling.  Well my friend I hadn't gambled for a year then on the 24th of April I thought I'll have  £10 on roulette online. Well let me tell you this in the space off 1hr I had nearly lost  £8000 that I didn't even have to make matters worse it was my partners PayPal account I used. Well I really didn't know I'd lost that amount off money I knew that my partner had a  £1000 in PayPal credit but didn't think anymore could be accessible. Well I'm way out of my league now and I've no way of paying that amount off money off. I could still even lose my family over it and I've got no way to even contemplate what I can do I just know for the first time in my life I've got nothing even had to get a church to drop us off some food how ashamed I feel what a failure and everything is just getting worse 

Posted : 8th June 2020 7:24 pm
Forum admin

Good evening Anthony, Bam Bam and Kev,

It's really good to see the support you are offering each other, but I am concerned that you are all struggling a little at the moment in your own ways. 

It's evident that you are all trying really hard  and that must be commended, but I do feel that maybe a little bit of extra support for you could really help you to get through this difficult stage you are experiencing.  When you have been doing so well, it's so important that we continue moving forward with our recovery and that's exactly what our Advisers are here to support you to do. 

Can I recommend you give them a call on our HelpLine on 0808 8020 133 or our NetLine.

Sometimes having someone who understands the struggles we are faced with, who can just listen or  provide new strategies you hadn't yet considered can really help to get through these more difficult times. 

Kind regards


Forum Admin

Posted : 8th June 2020 9:31 pm

It’s the easiest thing to do yet the hardest thing to avoid. Poison! 
ive not gambled since I first posted this I I feel like I’m in a battle every day. My worry is that all the major sporting events will come flooding back on our screens and temptation will creep back in. I’ve registered with gamstop so hopefully that’s the online part all sorted. 

it’s the long term debt that’s the issue with my mood as it’s a constant reminder. Some days make me think what’s even the point of going to work or getting out of bed. 

Praying for some light at the end of this tunnel as my partner has barely spoken to me in over two weeks 

Posted : 10th June 2020 9:05 pm

Anthony I'm the same 

I went online and gambled on roulette and in the space of that 1hr I lost nearly  £8000 what the hell how can all that go in such a short period of time. My partner has been on and off with me sometimes she'll talk other times I'll hear her on the phone to her friends I don't mind as she's got to have someone to talk to but unless your an addict how can you understand. Well I'm talking it one day at a time and the money I owe they will get it on a payment plan as I've done enough off worrying where to get money from as that pushes you to that devil we call gambling 

Posted : 28th June 2020 10:55 am

Well bam bam

Get your self back on the gamble free horse excuse the pun as if you do get caught out look what you've got to lose, they don't forgive you all the time and put things in place that will stop you if you relapse as it's minimize the damage keep your partner and take it one day at a time. You've done it once it's a slip up now you know how easy it is if your minds not on the ball. Don't  end up like me make a good life gamble free 

Posted : 28th June 2020 11:02 am
Consumed by gambling

I’m 2 weeks in today without any gambling whatsoever and all I can think about is gambling. I can’t decide wether I’m just weak minded or so far gone that control is no longer a thing that exists within me. In my mind I keep telling myself that if only I had the life changing amount of money that I lost 2 weeks ago back in my account then I could walk away from gambling once and for all with my head held high but sadly that’s never going to happen overnight without gambling. my happiness has vanished with my losses and this is also something that is very worrying me as it’s made me realise how much of my happiness has been dependent on money. How do I lift this curse? how can I get back to having the Mindset of a person who can come in to contact with gambling and just look the other way as if it’s nothing. I want my life back but despite taking every step I’ve taken to eliminate gambling from my life, all it has done is limit my access to gambling. It hasn’t solved the problem within that keeps the seed of gambling planted in my mind forever trying to grow day after day after day.  

Posted : 28th June 2020 12:06 pm
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