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Rock bottom  


Morning people,

I have hit rock bottom with my gambling addiction for the last 6 years. Lost 100k. 
I have 30k of loans to repay. I have just gambled away my daughters 10k savings for when she is 21. 
I have rang the mortgage to borrow some more money & have been declined, I can’t take out anymore loans either. 
I will have lost my house in 3 months & be homeless. 
Why has this happened to me, I used to be so good with money & now I have lost everything!! 

Posted : 23rd October 2020 10:34 am
Forum admin

Dear  c17ort,

Sorry you are going through a difficult time and it must be hard processing everything at the moment. 

Please don't be alone with yourself.  I will encourage you to call our Helpline where you can talk things through with our trained advisers.

In the meantime, if you haven't already. You can contact the Citizen Advice Bureau(0344 411 1444) about your mortgage, they offer free, impartial independent advice.

I hope this helps a bit.  Please don’t feel alone with any concerns around gambling and do get in touch if we can offer further support or information via our Helpline on 0808 8020 133 or our NetLine both are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Kind regards,


Forum Admin

Posted : 23rd October 2020 11:45 am

@c17ort It has nothing to do with money or how good or how bad you are with it. You have to face up to the fact that you have an addiction. 

I suggest that you speak to whoever you have at home, speak to the finance companies and speak to a Gamcare adviser or get yourself to GA.

The money side of things will work itself out, it will take time, but nothing will happen unless you start doing something about it. I feel for you, I can identify with you, but only you can do something about it.

Don't give up though, it is all fixable but you need to want it. Get the help now while you feel like there's no further you can go.

Good luck to you


Posted : 23rd October 2020 3:15 pm

You're not alone, I'm in the exact same situation blown so much money since lockdown and also in  35k of debt. 

You're not alone. 

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Posted : 23rd October 2020 5:03 pm


i can appreciate how severe your situation currently is, but answer this question honestly, if you didn't hit rock bottom would you quit gambling?, my answer was absolutely NOT, in fact money is just the token that you use to get your high just like a drug, why do you still have access to your money???, because being a addict, its very important money is controlled even your own money, your wife, daughter or someone you trust needs to handle your money and your bank account, and lastly don't think that this is rock bottom by a long shot, many people have lost there jobs, there homes then resorted to stealing, fraud even prostitution to fund there addiction, and ended up in prison. i presume you still have a income through a job, so technically you could rent so wouldn't be homeless, you may want to or not want to quit this terrible addiction, but know that you now have to quit this addiction you cannot borrow any more money, and get any more payday loans to fund this disease. you have to face it!!, be honest to family, let them control your income, seek financial advice, and figure out a good debt management plan all the best, i have been there and im still alive to tell the tale!!, you can come out of the other side im over 500 days gamble free, all the best

Posted : 25th October 2020 12:22 am
Merry go round

Call stepchange they are a debt charity they will advise you. You are not alone. Please call and talk to someone gamcare, GA, stepchange.

Posted : 25th October 2020 9:02 am
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