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Quitting for good  


Hi everyone I’m new to this website but definitely not new to the whole trying to quit gambling deal. I’m 27 and been gambling since I was 18 it got to the stage I don’t do it for money but just the adrenaline rush.. I did manage to partly stop for a couple of years the last two but still doing small bets still now and then. What helped me last time was hypnotherapy that my fiancée suggested I tried as she was desperate for me to get better after a,massing pay day loans credit card and bank loan debts totalling around £5k .

all was good for a long time until this last month.....

I got triggered and started gambling again. Where me and my fiancée live our postcode won the postcode lottery jackpot and we don’t play obviously and that just started something in my head and I had to gamble again. All my hard work was undone. 

I tried to contact my hypnotherapist as she was amazing and helped me so much and I was hoping she could help me again , I got a reply from her husband she had died and that hit me hard to as someone who had such a big influence on my life. She enabled me to get better for so long I was able to save buy a house and a puppy with my fiancé which we’ve been in a year but this last month has just nearly ruined it all .

i went to the drs today and all they could suggest was councilling and this site so here I am. I hope I can remain strong and finally 100% quit this addiction for good I have tried before and failed but not this time I’m excluded online and local and have gamble blocking software on my phone so this time I will do it!

Posted : 14th May 2019 9:42 pm

Hi martin 

You've done the right thing and reading your story is strangely similar to mine. 

I quit for 2 years and recently relapsed. Have bought my first house this year and will be getting a puppy at the end of the month.

Im sorry to hear about your hypnotherapist- she had a positive impact on you so use some of the techniques she taught you to fight this adiction. 

The rush from gambling is brief but the pain and suffering lasts for a long time. I am having to start my path again as i also was driven by the rush and quit last week after a months binge losing 3k in the process.

I think i was bored with life and thought gambling would fill that never does.

You can fight this have so much going for you...dont forget it.

Posted : 14th May 2019 10:08 pm

Thankyou for your kind words and yes does sound very similar.

when you get your puppy one thing that they are amazing for is giving you a purpose to get out the house and spending less time with gambling temptation I took Bailey out for a 2hour walk today just doing that makes me feel so much better.

and yeah the rush is very short even if I ever won I would always pile the whole lot back in anyway always on football bets and slots . And even more stupidly virtual football I literally wasted thousands on virtual football 

And your definitely right boredom combined with those stupid non stop 24/7 gambling encouraging tv adverts is lethal. Devastatingly lethal. Even though all the adverts say “gamble aware” I’m convinced the company’s have no idea the damage they cause 

Posted : 14th May 2019 10:29 pm
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