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Hi All


For some time now I’ve realised I have a gambling problem, I’m 25 and I’ve gambled since I was 18 online football & horse racing. I feel sick to the stomach at my losses. I have a good job and not in any debt but I recently checked my profit & loss on a betting app and I was blown away at how much I have gambled. Has anyone else checked their losses and does anyone have any tips on how to get over these losses and move on instead of chasing these losses? 

Posted : 5th December 2019 5:08 pm

Hi , I have never gambled online so i did not know there was such a thing  as looking at your losses but anyway .

Firstly;  that money has gone , it is like a bereavement , it is not coming back . But ........ as you mention you are in employment, and are debt free , and furthermore you earn good money . excellent that is miles better than most . so put the losses behind you , we have all made mistakes . and start looking at how much you are actually saving in the future , and every month treat yourself . but not one more bet , and as i have said ditch the smart phone , and get gamban software installed to block gaming sites . 

Posted : 5th December 2019 6:59 pm

Yeah I have a tip. The best one you'll have in a while.  

Profit from gambling:







Losses from gambling:


Your sanity

Your mind with logical reasoning

Your family


No good ever game from gambling.  I'm 83 days gf I'd been doing it ten years.  I signed up to every ban thing going as my weakness is also online. 

Good luck buddy 🙂 

Posted : 6th December 2019 2:27 pm

Hi cd1994.

Its a horrendous addiction of mind control and delusion. Its very easy to get addicted and it happens far more quickly than people imagine.

As SLW says the real losses are more than money. The money alone is extremely dangerous to lose but a gambler loses their mind and an addicted gambler has no control over their own mind when faced with the urges to chase or when gambling.

We delude ourselves about the money because it eases the pain. When I added my losses properly it was  a scary sight. I stared at the paper in disbelief although I knew it was really the truth

You Lose your self respect

You Lose your dignity

You Lose your family and real friends (people you see in gambling dens are not friends)

You Lose the love of your life whoever that may be

You Lose your concentration on other important matters

You lose your ability to focus and think correctly

You Lose your Job!

You Lose your peace of mind

You Lose your Money

You lose your Mind!

You lose your Sanity

You lose your freedom (prison) aready a prisoner of your own mind however

The last stop (hits the buffers at high speed) on the trainride to pure hell is You Lose your will to go on and you lose your life....Literally!

You need to focus that if you stop now you can save your life...Its that serious. This is no game about a silly flutter. This is a life or death addiction.

Please write your losses down is large numbers and go and tell someone you love. Please do it now in a born again moment. There is no shame in reaching out for help. Put the money behind you its gone! There are bigger things on that list to think about

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

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Posted : 9th December 2019 4:37 am
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