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Problem Gambler for 20 years  


Hi All


So it started 20 years ago on my dads computer. I have always enjoyed playing cards with my family. Poker.bridge.pontoon and we always played for money. This was never a problem to me as it was never silly. Then I found and I won x. Being 19 that was a huge amount of money. I had it for 2 weeks in my account and then it all went away. I thought to myself i will never gamble online again and I didnt for another 10 years and boy how things had changed online. You could play your favourite films tv shows and win money. So I went mental.  I have also been a computer game girl. The debt got bigger and bigger. The wins where never enough so I stopped. Paid off all debt myself. Then roll on another 10 years and I am back to the same problem. My debt is getting bigger and I need to stop. I have banned myself from all uk site on gamestop. But I found other sites. I have banned myself from them after losing another x in total. My family are aware of my problem but dont know I have been gambling again. I have a son and partner who I am being completely selfish too as I have no savings. I have managed to sort out my finances again but will be paying this back over 2 years with not a lot of money to do much. I feel like I have let everyone down again.


I understand that my problem is I am addicted to the games. I can go through x and go brain dead. I obviously want to win but I cannot just walk away. I hear myself saying 5 more spins. I just want to hit the bonus. I have a huge problem and I shall never gamble again 





Any help/advice and support would be great. 



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Posted : 25th March 2020 12:40 am

Hi... well gamstop (is that what you meant when you said gamestop?) should stop you gambling at online casino's. I guess if your still zoning out to free games and other things, then that's not the end of the world in this coronavirus crisis. Put some practical barriers in place to stop yourself wasting your money... that's what ya want to keep hold of.

Read and write and educate yourself about gambling addiction.

All the best

Posted : 25th March 2020 6:32 pm

Thanks. Sorry I did mean gamstop. I defo want to keep hold of my money especially in this crisis. Xx

Posted : 25th March 2020 10:18 pm

Hi addicted.

Its a drug addiction and you need to start looking at it that way. You need to be ready for a born again moment of openess and honesty.

Its more than just putting electronic blocks on. You will need help and there is no shame in reaching out for help. Family monitoring and control of your cash will help stop you. Its an addiction that gets into your bones so you wont be comfortable with those thoughts of change.

You need reality check after reality check. Those "games" are designed to hook you. The reality is far more sinister because you are ignoring the odds blinded by the flashing lights, reels and dopamine time next time in rapid fashion is a powerful drug which you will over time become more numb to

Its a progressive addiction which drives you to take more risks to get the same feelings. However as an addict you have no control and cant stop when you should

They are the crystal meth of gambling because the format is so deregulated. They will tease you and con you. Its a mugs game and you well know that hundreds or thousands can go in the slot for no result. They are not designed to give every gambler an income. Random or nor the odds are long which is why the machine designers and owners are never worried.

They take a fixed percentage so are guaranteed a profit as long as they attract punters. Every machine takes around 25% every year so the gambling dens are not bothered what happens to you. All the risk is really with you...They arent risking their holiday and food are!!

You know all this but you are hooked with a complex addiction. Your body has come to crave something that is destroying you.

Its not about just clicking your fingers...reach out and tell more people, You need help and you can never be complacent again.

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

Posted : 26th March 2020 2:48 pm

Thanks so much for advice totally agree. 

Posted : 26th March 2020 4:56 pm

Let these two years paying it back be the last lesson you need to tell u its best to stay well clear of gambling.

Posted : 28th March 2020 6:57 pm

I totally will. The amount of money I have wasted is awful. But i cannot think about that now. I have done this and i need too completely stop. I cannot win my money back. I need too move forward and take control of my life again with no gambling. 


I have put measures in place. I have told partner. He is very understanding as he releases it's an addiction. 


Posted : 28th March 2020 7:14 pm
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