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Hi everyone.

I'm Cornishgamer, i am 42 and i didnt realise till last week that i had a gambling problem. 

Before i took up gambling i was a fun loving, adventurous and was always up for a laugh.

but now though i work 12 hour nights and if im not in bed, im sat at home, apart from the household chores, bored and i suppose thats where the gambling came in. it was always a way to a means and i hate the person that ive become today because of it.

I used to be out everyday on long walks or always doing some DIY around the house and generally finding things for myself to do.

My gambling started off with a few bets here and there and then the sites used to pop up and i thought ok i will give them a go and see what happens, won a bit then lost it all and my final straw came last week when i thought i would try and make more money then what i had, as im going on holiday next month, but how wrong was i....... lost the lot. 

But now ive seen the error of my ways and gambling is not the answer im looking for and it was ruining my marriage. So as of tomorrow i will be getting back to the hobbies that i used to love and hopefully leave this gambling malarky in the past and enjoy the future.

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Topic starter Posted : 4th July 2022 11:01 am
Forum admin

Dear Cornishgamer,


Thankyou for sharing your story on the forum here today.


It's really positive to hear that you have recognized your gambling has become a problem for you and that you are looking to get back into hobbies you used to enjoy.


Please do come through to our helpline or chat to speak with an advisor if you would like any additional support or advice with your gambling. 


You can speak to us on 0808 8020 133 or live chat with us via our website.


Best Wishes,


Forum Admin


Posted : 4th July 2022 11:21 am
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