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Issue with gaming site carrying gamcare logo  



I gambled with a site not realising they are not licensed in the UK, i deposited nearly £1000. I ended up winning *** which i withdrew on the 22/11/19 but its still pending, I've supplied all documents and they are still not processing my withdrawal. They carry the gamcare logo which is why I've posted here, my bank can't help me and i really don't know what to do. I can't really afford to lose that much money but just got carried away, something i haven't done for some time. Can anyone help? 

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Posted : 7th December 2019 7:01 pm
Forum admin

Dear @tellery,

Thank you for posting on our Forum, I'm sorry to hear of your ongoing trouble. Unfortunately, we can’t help with your specific issue regarding the money withdrawal, we would encourage you to contact The Gambling Commission to discuss this further on 0121 230 6666 or visit their website at

It may also be beneficial to speak to The Citizens Advice on 03444 111 444 to see if they can suggest any options available to you with resolving this matter.

If you would like any support, advice or guidance with the negative impact problem gambling may be having on you, your health or life then please call our helpline on 0808 8020 133 or you can access our Netline via our GamCare website.

We’re open day and night so you can always get through to us, we can talk about coping strategies such as self exclusion from online gambling, blocking software, bank accounts that block gambling transactions. Discuss how you’re feeling, explore any support network in place, the importance of hobbies and we’re able to make a free referral to one of our Treatment Partners if you feel this would help?

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kindest Regards


Forum Admin


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Posted : 7th December 2019 11:13 pm

Hi tellery

Sorry to hear about the position you have found yourself in.

Obviously the primary focus of this website is to help people stop gambling and recover from the associated after affects of gambling rather than assist active gamblers to gamble safely. Having said that you are obviously being affected by losing your money as much as anyone else.

As far as help getting your money back I would suggest your options are limited. The UK Gambling Commission will only be able to help you with UK licensed casinos, if they are licensed elsewhere then you will have to go to the organisation that holds their licence which should be listed on their website. The implementation of Gamstop in the UK has highlighted the fact that there are overseas licenced casinos that will still accept UK customers but unfortunately these seem to be universally the bottom end of market whose online reviews quote regular problems with poor customer service, records of not paying out wins and active pursuit of Gamstop registered players. Many of them are blacklisted on casino review sites. 

Unfortunately there is little to stop anyone in the world sticking the Gamcare logo on their site to try and gain some of respectability whilst at the same time running a scam website. 

It is incredible bad luck that you have found yourself on one of these sites when there are so many UK licensed casinos available who whilst I have no affection for (and believe are morally corrupt) do provide limited protection against unfair business practices.  

My best advice is take it on the chin as a bad mistake, sign up to Gamstop for 5 years and never go near any of these non-UK licensed casinos again. There is little point in gambling, if on the small chance you ever win, the casino is not going to pay out.  

Good luck


Posted : 9th December 2019 12:04 pm

Thanks for this, I've had an email from the casino this morning to say they've processed the withdrawal. This was after the threat of informing the UKGC and the police as it was illegal to take my bets.

But your advice is wise and probably one i will follow 🙂

Posted : 9th December 2019 12:49 pm

Glad it ended well for you.

Really hope you decide to walk away from gambling for good now while you are "up". Experience from most of us on here is carrying on gambling eventually finishes with a lot of regret and despair. Hope you are one of the ones that gets away before that happens. 


Posted : 10th December 2019 8:56 am

Yes, wise words from Muststop... that's exactly how it is. Non-gamstop casino sites registered in south america or russia or other far flung places that still accept Uk players, but if you have a problem you have very little come back.... I should know cos I dabbled with them as well.

Another reason not to gamble with them is this... whilst you may still be able to sign up and gamble, a lot of the gambling games you may still be barred from.. a message will come up saying "this game barred for Uk players".... I think this is especially helpful if there are particular games or slots you like to gamble on... cos you still might not be able to gamble on them. You tend be very restricted on what you can gamble on and combined with the fact that they might not pay you out... for me at least its enuff to stop me giving it a go.



Posted : 10th December 2019 9:20 am
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