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I've taken a first step in signing up last month and had several phone sessions.  I am still unsure and can see that many people have a gambling problem removed link   The terminology is interesting and reminds me of similar links to mental health and the stigma that surrounds it.  Is there a type of continuum or hierarchy from a problem to difficulty to an illness.

Anyway like gambling is this just a distraction, as I have realised I am not even gambling, I will get my wages and then blow the lot using online slots, as others have alluded to, there is some sort of buzz, for me it is about feeling something as I tend to numb out my emotions which I have done throughout my life, having been abused by my dad as he was a gambler and blamed everyone around him for losing. 

Even worse I was a betting office manager for over 13 years so know better, it's as if I have some form of Stockholm syndrome. 

I have suffered with my mental health, having a long term diagnosis of severe depression and I am aware that there is some aspect of self-abuse.

Yes, I have debt and feel there should be more protection for people but the stigma and lack of understanding prevents any real action being taken and worst of all just feeds into the capitalistic society which is wholly exploitative 

Posted : 14th July 2020 5:53 am

Hiya benno 

Sorry to hear about you affliction and I do believe it's a form off self abuse that we do use sometimes but then other times if your anything like me you just can't stop, I think the judge who sent a gambler to prison last week for stealing hundreds off thousands from his friend to fund his habit summed it up right by saying the gambling company's are draining people like a addict needing his fix off drugs. It's a terrible addiction as in the space off 1h online I lost nearly  £8000 you tell me what other drug would cost you that amount of money. I'm sorry to hear you were abused growing up as I know from experience how difficult that is to deal with, and I'm not linking it to myself as all abuse is different and I can only imagine what was done to you, well on a more positive front I'm glad you joined the group as you've been on the other end taking our money and losing yours. How are you feeling? do you want to stop? Have you put blocks in place? 

Posted : 14th July 2020 8:14 am
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