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Hey Guys, im new here..  



Im a Boy 24 years old from germany. 🙂

I lost all my Money this night.. so i used my Bank and i just get new Money at the 10.05 :/..

I really do not know what i should do now.. :/ 

I lost 1600€ at this dump night.. 

I also lost my Girlfriend at Oktober last year... 7 years of realation ship destroyed.. 

I do not really have many Friends becouse im shy .. ofc i have a best buddy and  a brother aswell..

But i would not tell them that i lost everything.. 


I have bought a Car before for close 10.000€ and after 5 days the engine breaks... so i am working with a Lawyer together he tooked 600€ last month and now he also wants 1200€ i feel like going to work without gettin anything..

Thanks for reading dude.. #



Posted : 14th April 2019 11:28 am

Hi mate.we have all had that feeling. think your working for nothing. and if you continue gambling that's exactly what you will be doing. Things will get better. but it will take time. confide in someone close. limit the cash you have on you.block any online gambling sites.i find keeping busy helps me not to think about is early days but stay strong.things will improve.


Posted : 14th April 2019 2:44 pm

Hi, did you start gambling after you broke up with your girlfriend? Don't be ashamed that you have a gambling addiction. Tell your brother or buddy. Get debt advice quickly. Your relationship didn't work out but you didn't waste those years. Also you haven't lost everything. You have a great buddy and your brother. Hope you get on top of this soon. Well done for asking for help too,

Posted : 14th April 2019 9:18 pm

I never gambled like this... Idk why... 

Maybe i feel alone... :-/

Soo i have to mutch time.. 

Idk how to handle every thing..


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Posted : 14th April 2019 10:45 pm

You can stop, you can do this!

I first came to these forums when I was your age. Make a plan to stop now, don't be like me and spent the next 10 years coming back here.

Good luck my friend

Posted : 14th April 2019 11:10 pm
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