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First day of srlf exclusion be up an hour and i could cry

Posted : 19th January 2021 8:10 am
Forum admin

Good morning TinyT

Welcome to the Forum,

I am sorry to hear you are struggling on your first morning of self exclusion, those first few days can be really difficult but you are taking great steps to improve your life and it does get easier. But I want you to know that you don't have to do this all alone. It's great that you've joined the Forum for support but I also wondered if you've having any extra support for you too?

For example, one of our friendly advisers would be able to talk you through all the options of support that are available to you, including some free 1 to 1 to help you with any urges you may be having. You can talk to one free on either 0808 8020 133 or chat to us via our NetLine

It is going to be really important that you do find things that you enjoy doing to replace the gambling with, having things to look forward to can really help when you're struggling with urges as well as help keep your mind occupied. With this in mind I was wondering whether you've considered checking out our Chatroom? 

It takes place twice a day at 1pm and again at 8pm and you can access it here: Chatroom

I don't know much about your current situation but it may give you a way to start structuring your day which can also help.

Please feel free to post more about your story as others will then be better placed to provide support based on your situation.

We look forward to reading more of your posts

Kind regards


Forum Admin

Posted : 19th January 2021 10:46 am

Hey TinyT, well done for installing blockers it's normal to feel like you do at the moment. If you feel up to it tell us a bit more about yourself and your gambling history and lots of us will try and help you

Posted : 19th January 2021 3:37 pm

in short answer to your question , it will go on as long as you allow it too 

gamblers are hardwired to be gamblers 

they can only stop when they realise the destruction they have caused to themselves and to others 

Posted : 20th January 2021 9:50 am
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