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Hi all,

i have a reality check this evening by chasing losses, £1000 down! It has hit me hard and i have come to the conclusion i have a problem! So heres to stopping, i hope! I have left a note downstairs for my partner to read in the morning, not sure how this is going to go but we shall see. Dont really know what else to do. So i guess this day 1...... 


thanks for reading x

Posted : 12th May 2021 1:29 am
Forum admin

Hello Smurf84

Welcome to the Forum and well done for reaching out.  You have taken such a positive step and I am sure you will get a lot of support in the Forum.

Many people find it very useful to get advice and support for how to deal with the devastating impact of gambling harm and I hope that you can to.

Along with the Forum, we have Advisers available 24/7 to help you through your early stages of Recovery.  You can contact an Adviser by calling our Helpline on 0800 8020 133 or by using our LiveChat option.  I encourage you to make contact so we can discuss the best way forward to overcome the gambling issues you are currently dealing with.

Problem gambling is cunning, powerful and baffling and without help it is too much.

We look forward to hearing from you.



Forum Admin

Posted : 12th May 2021 7:01 am

Hello Smurf84!

Well done you for being brave enough to admit to your partner.. I hope she gives you the support you need.. And that you get all the support you need to kick this addiction.  You can do it!  I have finally made that big step myself and have registered with Gamstop!! After 7 years and thousands lost!! Friendships also, but I'm now looking forward to building some bridges 🤞 and leading a full filling life!  It's such a short time we are here and we deserve happiness.. Not the misery and devastation that comes with gambling!!


You can do this 🙂 

Posted : 13th May 2021 6:06 pm

Wow thankyou! We definitely deserve the happiness and im sure when we kick a*s we will find it. Goodluck in journey! You can do it!! 

Posted : 14th May 2021 7:53 am
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