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Didn't think I'd ever be here, from matched betting and casino offers..  


Hello Everyone,

I didn't think I'd ever be here writing this on a Sunday morning. 

I've just discovered the forums after blowing another lump of money on slots.

This has all started due to matched betting and casino offers, I've been paying a sub for a group for 10 months and yes it's made me a great profit however it's also changed me into someone who doesn't think about blowing £100 a time on slots or the consequences.

I know I'm sliding down a slope, I know the MB sites say only do as the guides say etc and I did for a long time however once the gubbings come the profit slows down and so you try to beat the system. Of course it never works.

I feel like people  need to be more aware of the risks of being sucked in instead of big names in the debt free community promoting it all the time.


Anyway thanks for reading my ramble.



Posted : 18th October 2020 9:59 am

Hi lifeincolour78 and Welcome.

Well Im very glad you are writing it! It seems you are just about seeing the chink of light.

Lets start with the devils incarnation called the slots. Thats £100 a time you are talking about...£ more time £100 that you are chucking down a grid on those odds

If I took that money from you in the street, you lost your wallet or you were scammed due to a shop error you would be really miffed.

Its a progressive addiction and illness. It only generally goes one way and thats downwards to bankruptcy and homelessness.

You need to tell someone close if you can or explain the James Bond style earnings so money like that could mean nothing. Its no James Bond casino scene for the vast majority of gamblers

Please talk it through with an none gambler you love and trust...Get the words out because its reality and reality reactions you need

Now I dont see matched betting as a loop hole or upside. Im not going to give you an easy time on that one because I care about you. From what Ive read its a minimum of job of work under home office conditions. I simply dont believe its the income people state

Whatever its led you onto other forms of gambling and slots are the crystal meth of the gambling world. I spent 40 years on the things..The newer images may be more fancy but they are the one armed bandits they always were...if you see a real table of odds you will wonder why you are doing it other than the drug they give to the brain.

Tell someone your overall that for me because you need them to see if its a real problem and if you need help...sound like you have an addiction to me.

Only you know the full story. A gambling addiction is highly dangerous. Its no game about a silly totally destroys people....literally...oh its a very slippery slope believe me until it reaches a sheer cliff.

So please do reach out follow the advice and get yourself checked out. the sooner you stop and get some help to recover, the better

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

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Posted : 18th October 2020 11:09 am

Thank you for replying Joydivider. 


I've put blocks on all my accounts and removed my card details from autosave. 


I did make a reasonable profit and I've managed to stop myself before losing a lot more. This of course wasn't really worth the time and effort it takes. 

I will talk to my partner about things and hope he is understanding. 

I think it also concerns me how much I see this pushed in the debt free community. It's easy to want to find a quick way to help pay off debt but I think for some people (like me who go full force into something) it can lead to something much worse.


Posted : 18th October 2020 11:37 am

Yes you are not entirely to blame and we understand.

Its a  competitive world, a hard world and a capitalist system that by its very nature pushed dreams at us. Never has so much wealth been flaunted through television and social media.

All this has been pushed at you by people with an agenda. They want to sell their MB mechanisms and the gambling dens just want to make vast profits without too much hard work.

As you are beginning to realise its not a scheme to pay off debts fast...this "could be you" nonsense is what the gambling dens thrive on...I dont call it an industry for I believe its a whole lot more sinister than that. I like to think of the term industry being for wholesome or positive pursuits but Im not naive about modern business.

It creates addicts fast and you are not alone. Millions have been vunerable to this. I totally understand how people get addicted. Yes its easy to look at gambling as fun, an upside or a way out. Before we know it we get hooked on the process. Its all designed to get people addicted and its a very dangerous addiction the pushers cash in on

Keep using the peoples stories and you will see the real crisis and heartache it causes...Its not an issue of greed or stupidity...its a strong drug and people have to learn about its sheer power.

All the best


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Posted : 19th October 2020 5:26 am
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