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100 days GF  


Today marks my 100th day GF. They say time flies when you are having fun & 100 days have passed in a blink on an eye.


I am by no means cured from this horrible addiction, but I have my life back, I can smile without having to force myself, I can sleep at night without anxiety keeping me awake. But more importantly I was able to rescue myself before I lost everything good in my kids, wife & home.


My gambling addiction had stolen 5 long years of my life & 100k of my money, prior to this & I refuse to ever let it take away any more. Losing the amount of money I have lost hurts, of course it does, but no amount of money can account for losing my kids & wife & I am proud of myself for the last 100 days that it never came to that!!


This forum rescued me, it made me realise I am not on this journey alone, other people are trying to find that comfort of fighting it together & all of you have helped along the way. Deano my fellow Footy fan.....sorry for the mighty Leicester beating you last week ☺️ but genuinely our chat at the early stages of our recovery helped regarding footy bets & how to love footy without needing to ever place a bet. So thank you mate 👍


We can do this people, with passion, fight & determination we can succeed if we want it enough.


Take care - Next milestone 150 days

Posted : 25th January 2021 1:13 pm

Hi c17ort, good progress keep on striving to be the best person you can. I'm so glad your family have stuck by you cherish them and make them proud of you. Keep going one day at a time

Posted : 25th January 2021 1:54 pm


Well done, keep on going.

Stay sane, safe, calm, and take one day at a time

Posted : 25th January 2021 2:25 pm

To my dear friend C17ort 

I will let you off the Leicester beating us but as today marks a wonderful happy 100 days gf I won't get into poor Lampard being sacked 😭

On to you!! Massive achievement and something you should be proud of, I am sure wife and kids are proud to have dad back after time and money wasted on our horrible addiction!! You've shown courage, strength and determination and you must continue to do so!!

I'd like to say I'm catching you up but never will because I have every faith in you and that you will not relapse and go back to that dark place!!

Keep going mate and I will be here with you for the whole journey!!

100 days 🤗🤗🍻🍻🍻🎉🎉🎉🎉🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 

All the best 

Deano and Frankie boy hahaha

Posted : 25th January 2021 3:26 pm

Thanks Deano 👍 

Much appreciated. Not long until your 100 days mate. 

Posted : 25th January 2021 4:38 pm

Congrats and well done for 100 days!!! Last time I got to 120 days an relapsed I’m on day 24 hopefully I can learn from last time mistakes when I got to 120 days last time I thought I was cured and could bet and play roulette  casually I was wrong tricking myself well done to you again!! Keep it up and focus it’s nice to see a status from someone who has lost similar money to be around 100k myself yes I’d have a bigger house yes I’d have a better car but such is life I do a lot of running and focus myself now all the best 

Posted : 27th January 2021 5:53 pm

Well done on achieving this milestone, I look forward to seeing your post on the next one!  All the very best.

Posted : 30th January 2021 7:14 pm
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