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Gambling and abuse  


Hello again, it's been a while since I was last here. 


I'm now nearly a year on from when my old life bottomed out and to say it's been a white knuckle ride since would be an understatement.


Luckily I've managed to secure my home, and I suppose am on the road to mending. However, I do still have some questions and would really like to throw some things out there I guess.


My main one perhaps sounds stupid, but I'm still trying to piece myself back together and get my head back to 'normal', whatever that is! 


I've been doing a lot of research and reading in emotional abuse. At first when I discussed my situation with a close friend, they threw that phrase into the conversation and I just brushed it off. Surely not, I'd know right? 

However, the more I've looked into it in all its various forms, I can't help but think that my past relationship was filled with gaslighting, and was part of the reason for why I am still a bit of a mess now, even after so many months. 

So here it is, do CG's and emotional abuse go hand in hand? Is this common place? Is it a conscious decision? Am I just being crazy?


I'd really like to hear what people think, from both sides of the fence. I guess some of this is a little selfish, as I suppose there is that need to assure myself it wasn't all in my head, but at the same time I am genuinely curious about how a relationship with a CG can just carry on ticking for so long. 


I apologise if this is a nonsense post, but hopefully someone out there could offer a word or two. 

Posted : 28th August 2019 9:48 am

You are not crazy. Living with a CG is emotional abuse at its finest.

Ive been there for 7 long years and I’m just breaking free and I cannot wait for all the opportunities that I can embrace without the burden of having a compulsive liar, master manipulator, self absorbed man next to me. 

unfortunately, a CG’s only interest is and will always remain gambling. They are going to put gambling ahead of everything and everybody. They’re going to throw away life’s best opportunities because of it. 

Surely enough, the few moments when they are not thinking about gambling, they show us their “nice” side, and it’s possible to have a few “normal” days. But this is not going to last long! 

They can’t commit to us, because they only care about themselves.

They cannot be happy about our successes, because it’s not about them.

they cannot be honest with us, because they’re going to be found out. 

My self-esteem plummeted while I was with my CG partner. I started to become less sociable, mildly depressed, and withdrawn. It’s like their attitude is contagious. 


So you’re not dreaming about this. It sounds as if you’ve made great progress in rebuilding yourself. You can only look forward to a life of true happiness

i wish you the best in your recovery from your relationship with your CG. It’s one of the hardest thing to go through!! 

Posted : 29th August 2019 10:29 pm
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