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Thank you! I will do my best 

Posted : 15th June 2020 10:49 am

Hi @asalt . That's all you can do ! I wish you the very best and Hope that you get the outcome that you want. 

Posted : 15th June 2020 5:28 pm

Hi Asalt

i agree with what most people are saying on here.

i think for yourself you have to protect you first and most of all. I think you have to know that a gambler will lie cheat do anything to get out of a situation or cover up and will only want you to see what he wants you to see etc.

i think if he’s totally serious then he has to connect with Gamcare gamblock then he has to get on with his finances to prove to you he is serious. 

its a hard road but he can do it with support. 

as for support he said he doesn’t want anyone to know. Tbh I get that to many people have opinions judgement etc. But honestly it just can’t be you cause he can get around you again by showing you what you need to know. 

its in his best interests to stop but again it’s a hard road head. You will have good days you will have days he’s failed: it’s all happened to us all who suffer with this.

all the best 


Posted : 16th June 2020 7:49 am
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