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A months since I found out my husband is a compulsive gambler  


Hi I'm new here.  My world shattered 4 weeks ago today when I saw our bank accounts (what was left), when I saw the loans and credit cards which totalled almost £90k.  When I saw that the money we had been trying to save for our Son to help him out at Uni this year, was gone.

Anyway loads has happened since and I went into practical mode because that's what I do best.  I have learned so much, hints and tips and I want to be able to share those in the hope that it will stop at least one person from feeling as isolated and alone as I have this last 4 weeks.  So I started a blog ... again another new learn for me and although I want to be active here, that is where I'm journalling my story so far and my story still to come.  I just want some good to come of this utter mess.


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Posted : 7th March 2020 3:39 pm

As a CG who has done a similar amount of damage I can’t think what it is like when the truth is found out! As the gambler I found it was a huge relief it allowed the mind to clear. For the partner it will be complete opposite. Keep posting as you will help many with your story 


Posted : 8th March 2020 8:23 am

Hi LeBear... are we allowed to know where your blog is please? How do I have access to read and maybe ask questions etc...? also maybe give an insight to you from the other side of the fence that would be from somewhere not directly involved, but with experience of some feelings, reasons, etc?

all in the aid of helping you understand... I still have a LOT of paying back to do!


John Pops

Posted : 8th March 2020 6:50 pm
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