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I self exclude online but the max is 30days and I’m back. I always chase what I’ve lost so I put on a bigger amount to try get it back. Can never cash in :(  

 M L

I’ve won and lost thousands sometimes I put XX on football bets at a time if it looses I can’t hack it. So I put even more money on to try and win back. Even when I’ve won bigger amounts I can never cash i I’ve tried but takes a few days to cash in I just reverse deposit because I want more never happy. But if it was actually cash in front of me I’d think twice it’s just numbers on a screen online gambling is the worst thing! Being doing it for years il never win back the amount I lost. I’ve deleted my account and restricted the websites on my laptop and phone. This needs to be the end of it hard to admit but do need help. Really don’t want to keep loosing hard earned money feels like I’m working for free i never spend on myself 

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Posted : 9th June 2020 11:08 pm

To be honest M L I would hazard a guess that almost every problem gambler on the forums are not here because we lose but because we chase the losses. Anyone that gambles loses from time to time. Even professional gamblers accept the fact they will lose from time to time as nothing in life is guaranteed. But the difference is, they and probably most people put a bet on accepting the risk that it may lose, and if it does then so be it.

I lost over two grand in about 30 mins about three weeks ago. Why? I think the simple answer is that I made a stupid bet and it lost. All I could think about was chasing the initial loss and telling myself I would stop when I got the initial amount lost back again. I hot that numb zone that most of us experience where time stops and you are locked into a feeling of anxiety and panic as the initial chase goes awry and the loss becomes bigger and bigger requiring you to make larger risks in an attempt to pull the money back. 

Now with three weeks passed since that crazy episode I can look back with the benefit of hindsight and recognize that not once during that mad half hour did I consider the very real possibility that by chasing I would lose even more money. Not once did I consider how I would feel later that day if the chasing didn't work. Not once did I consider all the much more positive things I could have put that money towards.

Now I just feel shame and stupidity that in these strange times where so many people are struggling or losing their jobs, I was happy to give over two grand of my hard earned cash to some big firm of bookmakers who really didn't need it.

I still feel the pain of the damage my chasing did BUT now I am turning that pain into a really effective reminder that I should never ever do anything like that again.

Posted : 10th July 2020 2:55 pm
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