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Sat, 04/02/2017 - 11:58


Before 2009

Lethe point taken
I didn't read the post in question
Maybe stating what one was making at the top of there game isn't best for the forum.

Saying that I think maybe he was just trying to get across his point

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Sat, 04/02/2017 - 12:35



There is no skill involved in buying lottery tickets though or did I get the wrong end of the stick at a post?!! I won't say which :-)


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Sat, 04/02/2017 - 13:08



Not much skill in any game of chance, Phil.

Even sports 'research' is pointless given the number of match fixing or drugs scandals regularly coming to light.

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Sat, 04/02/2017 - 13:26



Agreed. Last year my friend put £100 on a 5-1 horse in a 7 furlong race - the horse that won it by about 6/7 lengths was 66-1!

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Sun, 05/02/2017 - 11:41



Lethe wrote:

I'm talking about the amounts being bandied about as examples. That sort of talk has been a no-no before but then again consistency has never been the forum's strongest point. Doesn't bother me personally though. I'm happy enough to crack on :)

Back to the point about gambling being everywhere and people literally lining up to throw money away on lottery tickets. That's a direct result of the iniquitous deregulation which took place under the Bliar government which has allowed the creeping normalisation of gambling and all that it brings with it. I do worry about the generation that's growing up surrounded by the idea that it's fun and normal being thrown at them everywhere they look. Ticking timebomb IMO and it's not like it would be impossible to shove the genie back in the bottle. The political will to do it just isn't there.

I do agree that certain examples being banded about used to wind me up but I am more calm with it now.  I try not to talk about winning but have to accept that some people get reinforced when it happens and compulsive gamblers just hand it back. I have to accept it will feature in stories to highlight losing it all again and chasing

Im not calling anybody personally but there was a thread recently about a massive amount of shares and whether he should cash them in that got me a touch twitchy. How can I explain it...a mix of Im doing really rather well  but I have a gambling problem. Doing well and a gambling problem dont go together

Now thats almost certainly my hang up and Im strong enough in the direction Im going. People have to word the stories as they like to. It doesnt mean that they have less of a problem than I did but Im always on the look out for wind up merchants. :)

Its a great forum and its about discussion. its an addiction which ruins peoiple and all the confusion that goes with it. There is bound to be some disagreement or things we wish were worded better.

I dont always word things well  and am always up for debate and people putting me right.

I was watching a non bbc channel and it was just constant gambling advertising...this programme is sponsored by.......through to adverts for every place going

I fear its leading to the problem going exponential. If they ban gambling under a legal age when does it suddenly become acceptable to flood "adult" society with gambling dens.

Its just not right.


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Mon, 06/02/2017 - 09:44



This is a good debate (although we may have wandered off-thread a little bit!)

Firstly, Mixer, you're pretty spot on, combination of 'tells', identifying cycles and the odd bit of insider knowledge is the basis of the 'professional' AWP player. I use the inverted commas as, as one poster rightly pointed out, if it is you only source of income, you are a professional (I just don't really like the term when it comes to gambling, hence the commas).

Emily, thanks for your support, I like healthy debate and have no objection to differing opinions (a debate's a bit rubbish without them). I do have an issue with people questioning my own existance, YES I have a gambling problem (I didn't end up on the GC site by chance!) but I have a good few years of professional gambling under my belt so I can say, categorically, that there IS such a thing. CW, I appreciate your cynicism given your experience with gambling, but there are a (very) small percentage who make a living from it (in fact, I remember seeing a documentary once about a sports gambling syndicate who set up as a limited company and ran it like a business...I'll see if I can find it on YouTube). Is it helpful to mention this on a forum for CG's, probably not, BUT I think that burying our heads in the sand and denying the existance of one group because we are in another, is equally unhelpful.

A professional FOBT player is not something, in my opinion, you will ever see (unless there are programming glitches that can be exploited but, unlike AWPs, these will be updated VERY quickly).

As for the triggers, there is gambling EVERYWHERE. I started another debate topic about exactly this and why I chose (what I called) 'active' abstaination which, whilst unproven, involved going about your daily life without avoiding temptation but, instead, 'actively' giving up (treating each day as a new challenge, adding to a GF savings pot, keeping a diary etc). There is no denying that exclusions, closing accounts, restricting access to cash etc. works for many people but, in 2017, it is, I believe, impossible to remove all access to gambling. What's the alternative? Never use a computer, never goto the pub, never watch sport or even walk around town?

Anyway, love this thread and, agree or disagree, whilst we're on here we're not gambling so everybody wins!

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Sun, 09/07/2017 - 22:44



I mean when I win I would go out and buy something he's where the problem is ... everything I like you have to order from the internet ! So bang the cash is in my hand , I mean I could be good and not give it back for a day or 2 but eventually after a few days like so many other people it would be back in there pockets ! The problem then is I would think of that money as a lose when in actual fact I haven't lost anything I've simply purchased someThing but I would then proceed to chase back the money ending in giving them more :( 

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Thu, 17/08/2017 - 00:11



Saadly if I ever won anything it would be used to pay some urgent bills and buy essentials. My gambling problem lasted one year and the most i ever won in one go was £500 so nothing flash, not exactly what the dreams are made of. so patheitic really.