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[Sticky] Exchanging Contact Details with other members [Edited]  

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When we launched the GamCare Forum, we adopted a policy of allowing members to make public their contact details within messages, mainly because the Forum is first and foremost about creating an environment that facilitates peer to peer support.

We accept and indeed embrace the fact that members will form close bonds in supporting one another. Often this can be incredibly powerful and beneficial in recovery or overcoming problems with gambling - in the majority of cases this offers an extension of the support and advice received through the Forum, and in some cases leads to the building of significant friendships. GamCare does not wish to to restrict this.

However, while many people feel comfortable posting their details in an open forum post, we do have a responsibility to keep the Forum as safe as possible. Feedback from our users has suggested that sharing personal contact information openly - where it is accessible by non-Forum members as well - has not always been positive. 

Our responsibility is to keep the Forum as a safe space focussed on recovery, and therefore there may be times when we deem it appropriate to remove contacts details that are placed in open Forum posts.

GamCare is happy to facilitate the exchange of contact details via email between members who consent for their information to be shared. Please email [email protected] and a member of our team can assist you.

If you do decide to correspond privately with another forum member, be very careful about what information you choose to share with them. People on the internet may not be who they claim to be. Even if GamCare facilitates the exchange of details, we are not in a position to verify the identity or trustworthiness of either person. People with a gambling problem may be especially vulnerable to exploitation, particularly if they are trying to keep their gambling a secret from friends, family or work colleagues. Be wary of anyone offering services such as debt advice, loans or therapy through contact off the forum.

We offer links to reputable sources of support on our website and we can also signpost you if you contact our team over the phone or via web chat:

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Posted : 27th November 2014 11:25 am
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