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What is GamCare Certification?

We recognise the importance of acknowledging those organisations that achieve high standards of social responsibility and player protection. We also believe that it's important that players can identify companies that operate to these high standards. GamCare Certification is awarded to both remote and land based/non-remote gambling companies that have successfully implemented player protection policy and practice relevant to their platform and gambling service.

Why get Certified?

GamCare aims to help minimise the risk of increased problem gambling through player protection. GamCare Certification can help demonstrate an operators commitment to Responsible Gaming. 

Working with the regulators and the industry, we are raising the awareness of problem gambling and helping the operator to improve player protection measures. Through implementing the GamCare Codes of Practice operators will be better placed to help customers demonstrate socially responsible gaming. 

GamCare provide the national HelpLine and NetLine service; we are the closest to problem gamblers and the issues they may have. Through the assessment process we can feed back any recurrent issues that may arise and work with the operator to sustain social responsibility standards and responsible gambling policy and practice.

We know that players now recognise GamCare Certification as a seal of approval. This provides the UK player online with assurance that the site where they are playing has responsible gambling policies. 

How can my company get certified?


To be awarded GamCare Certification for the remote sector the following areas will be reviewed by a GamCare assessor, to ensure they comply with the GamCare Codes of Practice:

  • Age Verification – System to verify age and ID of customers must be implemented
  • Advertising and Promotion – Socially responsible standards need to be followed
  • Customer Led Functionality – Tools should be available that will allow the customer to set limits for spend and where applicable time per session
  • Self-exclusion – The ability for a customer to self-exclude from a site must be available
  • Responsible Gambling Content – Information regarding responsible gambling and sources of help must be available within the site
  • Reality Checks – Gaming screens should contain suitable information on currency and display of time
  • Account Controls – Suitable policies and mechanisms must be in place that address multiple card or account usage
  • Free Play – Suitable controls need to be in place when accessing free play games
  • Training – Customer services staff should be trained on issues regarding social responsibility and problem gambling

Following the assessment we will provide a Social Responsibility Report, providing feedback on compliance with GamCare player protection and social responsibility requirements. Depending on the outcomes of the Assessment there may be some actions that you will need to take to meet GamCare Certification requirements.

Land Based

GamCare Certification for Land Based Operation includes an assessment of the company responsible gambling policy and procedures, premise visit, interviews with key staff and evidence of social responsibility training.

GamCare conduct an audit as follows:

Visit to premises to assess current policy, procedures and safeguards with regard to social responsibility and responsible gambling.

GamCare Interview key staff to assess awareness of problem gambling and social responsibility.

Requirements at Assessment:

  • Age Verification – a system to verify age and ID of new customers must be in place
  • Game Rules – House Edge & Game Rules must be available for the customer
  • Limits – information on how to set limits on spend and time must be available
  • Self-exclusion – the ability for a customer to self-exclude must be available
  • Sources of Help – leaflets, posters, containing information regarding responsible gambling and sources of help must be displayed and readily available to the customer
  • Awareness – staff must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of social responsibility, awareness of problem gambling, interaction and responsible gambling.
  • Training - evidence of staff training, awareness of problem gambling and signpost to help and support. GamCare examine the company’s current training programme and policy, upon request GamCare provide a range of social responsibility training programmes.

Following the assessment we will provide you with a Social Responsibility Report. This document provides comprehensive feedback for the operator on the outcomes of GamCare Assessment. Timeline for completion is dependent upon successful achievement of actions, recommendations within GamCare Report.

GamCare Certification (Land Based Operations) is valid for 2 years from date of issue, renewable through GamCare Assessment.


For more information please contact: [email protected]

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