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Awareness and Training

Problem gambling is a complex and multi-dimensional activity, and the circumstances which make someone prone to developing a gambling problem are often multi-faceted and will depend upon the function gambling plays in their life.

GamCare training is specifically designed to:

  • Improve understanding of gambling and problem gambling behaviour and psychology
  • Increase awareness of the social impact of gambling and problem gambling
  • Provide the necessary skills to address the needs of those adversely affected by problem gambling

How we train

Our training programmes are interactive and build on the understanding and skills of the learners. They are all designed and delivered by experienced trainers with clinical experience of working with those adversely affected by problem gambling. This combination of experience and expertise ensures that our training is of the highest quality and promotes excellence in supporting those affected by gambling-related harms.

Based in Leeds? Check out the Leeds Community Gambling Service >>

If you are a gambling business looking for training around social responsibility and player protection, see our section for gambling businesses.

Available training

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