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I am suicidal and I need help

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Sat, 06/03/2010 - 09:23



Hi, am 27 and am a gambler, gambling is ruining my life and I dont know what to do...I got paid yerterday and now all my money is gone. What am I going to do, how do you get this devil out. I am really considering killing myself because I cant take this anymore. Everytime I try to stop, it just gets worse, please can anyone out there help me because I dont think that I can take this any much longer!!!

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Sat, 06/03/2010 - 12:46



Hi JJ555

Have you tried GA or one of the Gamcare services available to you?

We have all said to ourselves "no more" many,many times. BUT unless WE are ready & WANT to stop, we wont.The onus is on you. If you want to stop you can.

If you are contemplating suicide, give a little thought to the loved ones you would leave behind. Do they deserve the misery your suicide would inflict on them? I speak from experience on this issue because I tried & failed my suicide attempt. It was only after some soul searching that I realised the only peron to benefit out of my suicide would have been me. I would have hurt the people I love, very badly.

Have a think abou that.

Best wishes

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Sat, 06/03/2010 - 13:43


Before 2009

Hi this is obviously your cry for help. We are all with you don't let this thing beat you..

I would seriously talk to advisors here and gamcare help line.

I recently relapsed spending all my cash and know how it feels even though I am a recovering gambler.

You do feel low and yes those thoughts do pass your mind.

You feel in despair and helpless. There is something you can do self exclude from all the bookies/casinos you go in (or are likely to) and if online get a gambling blocking programme (free trials some of them).

Try and gain strength from the fact this has taught you a lesson not to gamble again and put more barriers in place.

Start a diary too.

My problem is roulette FOBTs then leading to online now just FOBTs. What is yours? Tell us in your diary. You deserve better than gambling so pick yourself up and start again.. don't do anymore things to self-harm.

There is always hope however low you are feeling now do not give up on yourself you are worth much more than that.


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Sat, 06/03/2010 - 16:23


Before 2009

Hi JJ555

The important thing is that you are not alone!!!!. I like you have been that far in the depths of despair to contemplate the same as you. But just like the advice you have already had, its the people we leave behind that count. Focus on what you want and CAN do and not what you have done.
I am only 6 days into not gambling, after 30 years of the same devil you have had harbouring itself inside me. It doesn't go away but we have to make a decision about how we deal with it. Do we let it take over (sometimes on a good roll we dont mind), but in the end it will ruin us. Thats why we must find a stregnth or motivation to stop within ourselves to defeat it. I'm not qualified to make assumptions on you or your life. I only know that I hate myself for what I am and what I have done by gambling. I've cried buckets
Today is the first and one step that is a positive one for you, the more steps you take in the right direction then the stronger you will become in the person that you really want to be. If I didnt believe that I wouldn't say it
Sorry if what I say and the way I say it is too full on but I am like you in so many ways but older (not wiser). I have lost so much in life that it still makes my heart ache with the ruin I have left behind.
I know it sounds daft but its not the money Ive lost that hurts the most but the person it has turned me into. I am actually a god person but gambling turns me into an evil liar not worthy of a life ( spot the self pity)
I dont actually care about myself anymore but want to make up for what I have done to others in the past.
Stay strong and commited at what you want to change about yourself and be proud if you make a start and even more proud as you fight it.

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Sat, 06/03/2010 - 21:57


Before 2009

Hi JJ,

Welcome to the forum.

I see you have been warmly welcomed, with some experienced advice and support.

You are not alone!

Please keep reading and posting on the forums.

But, if you would like to speak in private to a GamCare advisor, please call the HelpLine 0845 6000 133 and/or click on the NetLine (UK only)

Both lines are currently open 8am-2am 7 days.

There is also additional support for you, out there:

You could speak to the Samaritans 08457 90 90 90


You could speak to your GP about how you are feelings.

Please stay in touch.

Genuine regards


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Mon, 08/03/2010 - 19:44



Hi JJ,

I am 24 and I am an addictive gambler. I have lost a lot of money and I have also thought about suicide a lot in the past. This is my second day since I quit, for what seems like the tenth time but this is it, and you are not alone. Use this forum and GamCare as they are great. If you are feeling suicidal do what I did and talk to the Sam artians. They are great, I used the email option as I am nervous about talking and writing is what I do best.

Just think about the future and what your family would think about your suicide, how sad they would be.

Just talk to them, samaritans or gamcare. They are great and my family have no idea about this so there are people out there who can help.

All the best.

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Mon, 08/03/2010 - 22:51



Hope this finds you in a better place mentally JJ, I think the dark thoughts you're having will have rung a bell with a few, if not many of the folk here on the forums, I know that I have often though about it after doing exactly the same as you, blowing my wages in one big binge, and dreading what I was going to do for the rest of the month.

What I found was, that as hard as it is to tell somebody you know the truth, the support and knowing that someone else knows helps in quitting, and strengthens your resolve.