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Can I really Quit?

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Sat, 27/03/2010 - 19:59



For some of you regulars here you may have seen posts by me already. I keep quitting and starting gambling again and find it so difficult quitting.

Today I lost just over £70 and £25 the other day. I am sick of this now and need to stop.

Has anyone felt like whats the point no one cares if I gamble or not?

Im hoping 28th March will be my new day and life!!

Thank you

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Sat, 27/03/2010 - 20:17


Before 2009

Hi Beany,

Firstly I have been exactly where you have been and yes you can stop gambling. I got to the point of wondering does anyone actually care if I gamble or not and ultimately if does not really matter about other people it is about you.

Do YOU care if YOU gamble or Not? This is the question I had to ask myself and yes I did care that I did and I wanted to change and have done.

I believe with the correct determination, guidance and support you will stop gambling probably the best place to start is here and by speaking to one of the professional advisors they will be able to advise of the next steps for your personal situation.

Good luck and I hope the above helps.

YFIR Varcey

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Sat, 27/03/2010 - 22:11


Before 2009

I very nearly had a slip tonight. Am finding it pretty difficult not to do it at the mo', tbh.

Best things to do are give a trusted one access to your bank account if you do things online. Ask them to check it on a daily basis.
Also leave any cards in your house, and when you get any urges get yourself away from any computers & walk the opposite direction to where that bookies or gaming centre place is. It is the best and ONLY way.

As I say, I am finding things difficult too, mate. I am deliberately not drinking tonight as that is when gets me into bother with the gambling. It is dangerous business.

All the best, lad. Stay strong and you WILL beat this.